FMX Report: International Freestyle Motocross Association – Oakland, CA

Last weekend the International Freestyle Motocross Association FMX contest headed to Oakland, CA. None of the big names from the sport were competing, but no doubt in a few years a few of these riders will be amongst them.

The course consisted of two take offs on an arena floor that had a layer of adhesive applied to it to help the riders find traction on the slick concrete base. These guys did a great job keeping it on two wheels being as slick as it was.

Filling in the intermissions during the Freestyle contest was Trials expert David Chaves, the XSBA street stunt riders, and believe it or not a guy shot out of a cannon. As if being a human cannon ball wasn’t cool enough, he had a knockout blonde wife who got a few cheers when she pulled the trigger on the canon.

Canadian rider Jeff Banks took the win, being the only rider to pull the backflip. He didn’t just bank on the tie breaker trick though, and started throwing in some variations like a one handed and nac-nac flip. Billy Walls threw down some superman seats grabs and Cordovas; sans gear sponsor in his shorts and t-shirt. Grant Teel had great style the whole night and we would not be surprised to see him placing higher in future events.


  1. Jeff Banks 90 points
  2. Billy Walls 85
  3. Johnny Ebenol 65
  4. Grant Teel 50