Foam Pit Fire at Metzger’s

Who said that flipping into foam pits was safe? Garth Milan just phoned in to let us in on some breaking news…

While out at Mike Metzger’s house today, a Japanese rider was making use of Mike’s foam pit to work on his back flips. Unfortunately he crashed, and while still laying in the pit, his bike was leaking gas a considerable amount of gas, and…well, you can probably guess the rest. Garth said that in short order, someone noticed smoke, and shortly after that the foam pit was fully engulfed in flames that were running 200-300 feet high. The resulting mushroom cloud could be seen for miles around.

The bad news was that there weren’t any fire extinguishers around, which might have helped them avoid the situation before it got out of control. The good news is, the rider was extracted before the fire got too serious, and it didn’t appear any other structures were threatened.