Fox Flexair Gear | Product Report

Ryan Dungey and the rest of the global Fox Racing team will debut the new Flexair gear this weekend.

Ryan Dungey and the rest of the global Fox Racing team will debut the new Flexair gear this weekend.

Price: $84.95 (jersey); $209.95 (pant); $559.95 (boot)

What It Is

Fox Racing athletes will give the brand’s newFlexair gear its competition debut this weekend: Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen, Marvin Musquin and Justin Hill in the United States, and Gautier Paulin and Evgeny Bobryshev in Europe. New to the line, Flexair is made from a four-way stretch fabric that is both lightweight and extremely breathable. Fox claims that the pant is 40% more abrasion resistant than other stretch motocross pants on the market.



– The Flexair jersey is super light. A size L weighs only six ounces!

– The jersey breathes extremely well, thanks to laser-cut perforations and nice mesh panels.

– This is without a doubt, the most comfortable motocross jersey we have ever ridden in. With a  4% Lycra blend, it is cut like traditional Fox jersey, but stretches like a cycling jersey.

– Colors are bright and vivid, and seem to hold up well, wash after wash. We’ve ridden in our gear a half-dozen times thus far and are very pleased with its ability to stay looking new.


– The Flexair pant is very comfortable and easy to maneuver in. Nothing snags, pulls, or bunches up.

– The stretch fabric in the knees can accommodate all types of knee braces, but at the same time the cut is slim enough to work well for knee-cup wearers, too.

– The pants are sized accurately. If you wear a 34 in a Fox 360 pant, you will wear a 34 in Flexair.

– Plenty of air flows through the Flexair pant.

– The crotch area is made of a thicker material for roost protection. We’ve encountered some painful moments in other stretch pants!

– Super thin foam padding in the front of the thighs offer additional roost protection.

– The leather panels in the knees protect against exhaust burns, and also offer great traction against the side of the bike.


– Even though the pants are super stretchy, they stay put and never get pulled down, even when riding a bike with a gripper seat cover.

– We’ve actually crashed in the Flexair gear and the pant fabric has proven to be quite durable. We’ve shredded other stretch MX pants when our knee braces wore through from contact with the ground.


– The matching Instinct boot compliments the gear perfectly. As always, the Instinct is an amazing boot that is comfortable from the get-go, and offers a superior level of support and protection.


– There are no performance flaws…Flexair is amazing.

The Verdict

Fox Racing isn’t the first gear company to produce special stretch riding gear, but from our time spent riding in it these past few weeks, it’s apparent that the Flexair is on a whole different level than existing offerings.