Fox Racing V4 Helmet – Product Report

We’ve been riding in the Fox Racing V4 helmet for a few months now, and it’s become one of our favorite lids. A couple weeks ago at Zaca Station, Warren Johnson unveiled this new graphic scheme to us.



PRICE: $549.95



Fox Racing introduced its newest high-end premium helmet in mid-2011, and it instantly elevated the brand’s standards for motocross helmets. The V4 features a carbon fiber shell and a dual-layer EPS liner, an exclusive Dry LEXTM liner, 16 intake and 8 exhaust vents, and a generously cut eyeport for maximum vision.


The venting in the top of the eye port does a lot more than look technical…it actually works! The V4 is one of the coolest helmets we’ve worn, literally and figuratively.


– The V4 is a great-looking helmet. Available in several graphic and color combinations, every one we’ve seen (including this newest version) is excellent.

– Comfort and fit is highly individual, but every one of our test riders loves the fit and feel of the V4. The cheek pads wrap around your face, giving you a nice, secure feel without being claustrophobic.

– The bottom edge of the older V3 helmet interfered with neck braces for some riders, but the V4 shell features a higher bottom cut that offers abundant clearance.


The exit vents on the back of the shell allow hot, humid air to escape.

– The generous eyeport accommodates all goggles perfectly and offers plenty of peripheral vision.

– Venting is very effective in the V4, and you can actually tell that the air flow is happening while you ride. This is one of the coolest helmets we’ve worn.

– Removing and replacing the liner for washing is easy.


The graphic design of the helmet allows the carbon fiber shell to show through…trick!

– There are four shell and EPS liner sizes for an accurate fit across the range of helmet sizes. A large is not simply shimmed down to a medium with thicker pads.

– The Fox V4 helmet features a five-year warranty.

– Comes with a free helmet bag for storage.


Air intake vents are everywhere on the V4. These are on the top of the helmet.


– Because it’s vented so well, the V4 can seem a bit loud compared to more muffled helmets like the Bell Moto 9 or Arai VX-Pro3.

The Fox Racing V4 is available in sized XS – XXL, and it utilizes four separate shell sizes to accommodate the entire range.


The V4 is without a doubt the finest helmet that Fox Racing has produced since it entered the helmet arena over a decade ago, and it has quickly become one of the favorites on the TWMX testing staff. Comfortable, light, well-vented, and great-looking, the V4 is truly among the elite helmets available for motocross riders and racers.