Free Autographed Grant Langston Posters!

Inside the November issue of TransWorld Motocross, you’ll find a free pull-out poster of 125cc National Champion Grant Langston, throwing his works KTM completely sideways in front of his new home in Temecula, California. Without a doubt, it is one of the best posters we’ve ever produced, and the shot has even humbled other factory riders. Sobe Suzuki’s Sean Hamblin, for instance, refused to whip it for our cameras earlier this week, saying, “Are you kidding me? After seeing that poster of Langston, there’s no way one of my baby whips is gonna look cool! Let’s find a turn, instead!”


We cornered Cool G at home, handed him a Sharpie pen and had him autograph 40 of these cool posters. To get your hands on one, however, there’s a catch, as we want them to go out to true Cool G fans. Answer the following questions in an e mail to and the first 40 correct respondants will be rewarded with a poster! (Don’t forget to include your mailing address!)

  1. In addition to this year’s 125cc National Championship, what other major title does Langston hold? (Include year)
  2. Name three products sold by Langston Racing.
  3. Why are you a Cool G fan?