FreelinMX 2007 Industry Event Support

Industry leaders, have continued to support our riders through industry support, and we thank you. As we gear up for the 2007 season, I am again out hunting up industry support. We have completed the process of re-designing our website, and your website link can be placed and ready to go live.

We are an AMA nationally sanctioned District 14 motocross/ATV track located in Marlette, MI. For 2007 we have 18 race, and 28 open-practice events scheduled. Each race weekend we see over 1,000 racers and spectators. These riders are loyal motocross/ATV enthusiasts. Our season opener is March 24 & 25. We host the National Qualifier for the Ponca City Grand National Championship on May 12 & 13. We host the District 14 Womens Series on our May dates as well. We are Round 3 of the State Championship Series June 2 & 3, and we hold an annual event (Freelin Frenzy) on August 18 & 19. On August 19th we host the District 14 Vintage MX Series. This July 7 & 8 we will host Round 1 of the Michigan Mafia Championship Series race, with riders throughout Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois and Canada competing for manufacturers contingency money. Our season ends November 3 & 4 with our Canadian-American Challenge (CMRC vs. AMA riders). This great flux of Canadian riders opens the international market.

We look to build relationships with our industry leaders, since we are a direct market access point for you. By promoting your industry, we realize that we are helping to promote the sport, thus the benefit for us both. We continuously promote our sponsors by announcements, website links, print on flyers/brochures, signage, direct mailings, etc.

As always, I’m looking for continuous/separate banners (which will be displayed at each race event, around the track, along our starting gate, etc), stickers, any type of promotional give-aways (hats, t’s, etc), award gifts, your literature (brochures, catalogs, business cards, etc), basically anything.

There is nothing better than to attend a race, and get to walk away with something free (I’m sure you know your market, and even a sticker goes a long way for public relations). We always strive to make our customers glad they spend the day/weekend at FreelinMX, and work to make sure our riders know which industry leaders are supporting our events.

We appreciate that you may continue to support amateur motocross/ATV racing through FreelinMX and look forward to working with you this season. We are interested in discussing the opportunity for us to work together to promote your business. Please contact me if you have an interest as we are now gearing up for the 2007 season.

Thank you,

Ann & Mike Konarski