The guys down under in OZ at Freerider MX have already taken delivery of Kickstart 4 : The Final Chapter,  and wasted no time giving it a review.

Ok, so it’s been a big couple of weeks for DVD releases, with Moto4 just coming out and now, hot off the press, Transworld MX’s Kickstart 4 – The Final Chapter. Don’t these two seem to come out very close to each other each year? Weird. Anyway, we loved Moto4… Like, really loved it. Like the kinda frosty beer on a 30 degree day kinda love. You can read our review HERE.

Transworld’s Kickstart series has always been high on our playlist though and the last couple have been bangers, so we were pretty keen to see how the fourth and final one rolled out.

First and foremost, if you’re expecting the cinema-like production values that Moto4 had, you’ll be disappointed. That’s not to say it looks like crap by any means, because it doesn’t. But there’s no crazy, high-budget super-slow-mo stuff that the Moto series is so well known for. But, that’s not such a bad thing. You can see the guys from Transworld have done the majority of the filming themselves, and this plays into their favour too. They have a good rapport with a lot of the riders and as so are able to provide a pretty intimate and fun approach to each of the sections. There’s plenty of fooling around and plenty of humour, which in our eyes makes up for the shortfall in crazy high-def shooting and editing. You really get the sense that the riders and crew had a lot of fun putting the film together and I found myself laughing along with it.

Now, the highlights. Some of the riding is pretty mental as you’d imagine. Chad Reed’s section at his place is killer and the lines he takes in the deep sand will leave you gobsmacked… He’s all cross-rutted, but just holds it wide open into a massive jump and styles it out like it’s nothing. Poetry! Plus his private go-kart track, oh boy, that thing looks so damn cool.

The Twitch and Maddo section… despite being farkin hilarious documenting some of the pranks, is actually killer FMX footage from the MDP Block. Twitch and Maddo have got so much style on the bike between them, that when the two are riding together it’s just impossible to turn away.

As we mentioned there’s plenty of humour throughout the film and it really breaks up the big action stuff. Cole Seely and Will Hahn hunting for chicks at the mall in their pick-up kits, Maddo and Twitch’s pranks, Justin Bogle dumping on his “leg swag” tag are all gold, but without doubt the movie star is Ronnie Mac and his dancing-so-close-to-the-edge goon riding. One minute you’re laughing at his hilarious comments and style and then next you’re blown away that he’s riding out of the situations he’s putting himself in, just for film. It’s pretty incredible and puts a stamp on the Goon Riding crown.

All up Kickstart 4 is a great DVD. As we’ve said, it’s not this mega-production world-changing film, but it is a very entertaining watch. The soundtrack is a good mix of punk, hip-hop and rock and the action is as good as you’ll see anywhere. It’ll be a great prezzie leading into Christmas or a good addition to the DVD collection of any moto rider.