Friday Feature: A Year in MX

David Bulmer has embarked on a journey most motocross fans can only dream of — following the AMA Outdoor Nationals to all twelve stops across the United States this summer. We caught up with David last weekend at High Point to find out what inspired his trip, and how he is able to spend an entire summer on the road…

TWMX: What do you do that you’re able to take a year off and follow the Nationals?

David Bulmer: I don’t actually do anything. I finished university last year and since then I’ve been doing agency temp work while I look for a full-time job. I wasn’t finding anything full-time, so I figured I would give myself until Christmas to find one, and when I didn’t I decided to do this trip.

So you’re living the dream while you’re still young…

Yeah, I mean everyone always wishes they could do it, but they have too many commitments. I don’t have any commitments so I figured, ‘who not?’

Have you been a motocross fan for most of your life?

It’s only a recent thing, really. It surprises a lot of people but I’ve only really been following it for about four years. I’m really enjoying learning more about the sport; it’s a lot of fun.

Do you follow the U.S. series more closely back home, or is the FIM more popular?

I would have to say the World GP is more closely followed, but I enjoy America and coming back was something I wanted to do anyway, so this trip worked out well.

You said you bought a motor home when you got here…


And you’ve just been living out of that?

Yeah, that’s what I’m doing. For the last week I’ve been driving here [BRACKET “Mount Morris”] from Hangtown, and I was in it basically non-stop.

How long did that drive take you?

I left on Sunday night and got here on Friday afternoon.

So I suppose your biggest expense is gas?

Yeah. Because I’m living self-contained I don’t have to pay for camping or anything like that. I pay for food obviously, but petrol is pretty much my biggest expense at the moment. It gets quite scary when you have to fill up your tank three times a day; you start to wonder if your card is going to work. [BRACKET “Laughs”]

So what inspired you to do this?

My first inspiration was watching Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman where they rode their motorcycles all over the place. I was interested in what they did and wanted to do something similar. I also wanted to see these motocross races, and see the US; so it all just worked out.

You couldn’t talk anyone into coming with you?

No, my friends all finished University and got jobs. In that sense they’re a stage ahead of me.

They’re a stage ahead of you professionally, but a stage behind you personally…

Yeah, that’s how I like to see it. [BRACKET “Laughs”] All that will come. People have been coming up to me and telling me that I’m living their dream, so I’m glad I did it.

Do you think you’ll eventually get sick of the road trip?

I’ve been in America for a month now, but it’s going all right so far; other than Nebraska, which was pretty dull [BRACKET “laughs”]. I’ve been seeing a lot of places and meeting a lot of people. I think the more people I meet, the more fun I’m having, and any exposure I get for the website is great too.

Your website is impressive and seems like the best way for people to follow your trip…

In school we did a lot of web work, and one of the most important parts of this trip was that the site could be a showcase for the trip and for my work.

Hopefully someone will see your site and hook you up with a full time gig…

I do hopee so. It would be great if something could come out of this trip. I do need a job once this is all over.

Where does the trip end?

Des Nations is my last stop, and I have some friends coming over for that. Hopefully by then I’ll be a superstar [BRACKET “laughs”].

Be sure to check out David’s website at