Friday Feature: Arsenal MX

Some people make the mistake of thinking Arsenal MX is strictly involved in freestyle motocross apparel. After spending an afternoon with Brit Adude and Mark Moss—the masterminds behind the company—at their southern California warehouse, we learned quickly that they are a source for nearly everything motocross. From parts and accessories, to apparel and DVDs, these guys offer a serious selection, with the right amount of attitude and deep industry roots to keep customers coming back.

After spending some time touring their warehouse, and checking out the incredible paint job on their office walls, we sat down to find out what Arsenal MX is all about. Now enough of our sales pitch, here’s what Mark and Britt have to say…

You guys have been in business for a while, but you’ve recently stepped up your game. Tell us how things all got started and where you’re at today.

Mark: Basically in 2001, I had a business going already and Brit was a sales rep for Flesh Gear and Black Flys.

Brit: I was also working with Wide Open Motorcycle magazine at the time, trying to bring that back out of the depths, when a mutual friend introduced Mark and me.

Mark: Yeah, so I was running another business and had staff and technology there; Brit had roots in the motorcycle industry, with the advertisers and stuff, so we thought ‘why don’t we put a website together and put whatever products Brit was repping online, and if we get a couple sales a month, we’ll make a few hundred bucks and everything will be cool.

Brit: That was back in 2001. We started it almost out of the garage, and as things started to take off we moved it into Mark’s existing office, and we’ve been at it ever since.

Mark: It wasn’t really something we had planned out from the beginning; we just kind of went for it.

Brit: Basically we created a monster. [BRACKET “Laughs”] We didn’t really know what we were getting into.

Mark: Unfortunately we’ve been in business a long time, but haven’t come close to reaching our potential. All along we’ve both had other things going, and the business was here, growing, but with no support. It was like a plant without water; it was growing, but no one cared for it. Just recently we both did what we needed to do so that we could both be in here full bore.

So who came up with the name, and your well-recognized grenade logo?

Brit: I was on a plane flight heading to judge an X Games competition, and I wrote down about 200 names on a piece of paper.

Mark: We had been throwing names back and forth forever, and couldn’t come up with anything we really liked.

Brit: It was just a process of elimination, everything from MX Arsenal, to Arsenal MX, to this, to that. After a while we both were like ‘that’s it, that’s the one.’ I mean, what is an arsenal? A stockpile, and we’re stockpiling motocross goods.

Mark: It maybe kind of started out with the (Metal) Mulisha and their Troops, and just played along with the whole military theme that was hot at the time. It described us perfectly; it’s an arsenal, a collection of stuff. Our first catch phrase was, the finest motocross artillery.

Brit: Actually, it was the finest collection of freestyle motocross artillery. Thank god that we had the connections that we did to get started; Twitch, the Mulisha, Deegan…

Mark: Britt was judging all the freestyle competitions at the time…

Brit: Yeah, a lot of good friends helped us to get where we are; we may not have ever been here without them.

Mark: We really made a splash into freestyle because he was judging there and our core group of friends were all in freestyle. That was the niche we were going after and it helped us get our foot in the door, but both of us like to ride motocross, and we wanted to connect closer to that side of the sport.

Brit: It’s en a process to redefine ourselves as being about more than just freestyle. We still love freestyle, and we’ll continue to cater to everyone there, but we’re a motocross company.

Did that realignment toward MX grow out of your passion for motocross, or is the reality that there’s a bigger market for it?

Mark: I think it’s both, but the passion’s definitely there. Neither one of us jumps ramps, but we ride the track all the time. But it’s two-fold, because that’s definitely where the bigger market is.

Brit: There was a time when I wanted to hit ramps, but that urge really isn’t there anymore. I’d rather go roost some berms at the TransWorld ride day, or up at Comp Edge. I’ve got a big background in BMX racing, so that competition is what really keeps me going.

Mark: We love them both (motocross and freestyle mx), and we still maintain our deep roots in freestyle.

You guys obviously work really well together. What are your respective roles within the company?

Mark: I basically run the day-to-day operations and manage business development, and Brit’s in charge of technology and operations.

You said you started out of your garage, as have many very successful MX companies. It seems people in the sport like to work with a company that is authentic and has roots in the sport, not just someone that tries to latch onto the sport as it’s growing.

Brit: People jump on the bandwagon everyday, and it’s discouraging but motivating at the same time because we’re not someone that did that, we’re actually passionate about the sport.

Mark: We both ride on a regular basis.

Sponsorship is part of your efforts to stay close to the roots of the sport. Tell us about your deal with Sponsorhouse.

Mark: Sponsorhouse is a website that brings kids that want to be sponsored, and companies that want to sponsor, together. We have a Sponsorhouse page that has everything about Arsenal MX. Kids that are racing and looking to get sponsored can submit their applications through the site. They submit resumes, where they’re racing, what they’re racing, results, and so forth. Then we review the applications and give sponsorships to the ones we approve.

What types of sponsorship programs do you offer?

Mark: Pretty much everyone that applies is going to get sponsorship from us, if they’re competing. It’s going to be discounts on products and sometimes free products, depending on the level of sponsorship. The average discount we give through the program is 10-30% off. Those discounts can be used on everything from Pro Circuit factory pipes, to Factory Connection suspension tuning, One Industries, SIXSIXONE, Troy Lee, helmets, parts, you name it.

So if someone applied for sponsorship through Pro Circuit, for example, and they were turned down; if Arsenal MX sponsored them, they could still get discounts on the same products?

Mark: Exactly. We’ll give them a discount on the same pipe they would have gotten through Pro Circuit.

We saw all sorts of cool stuff in your warehouse. What products do you carry?

Mark: Pretty much everything under the sun.

Britt: Parts, apparel, and accessories.

Mark: Every major brand, and some smaller brands as well.

You guys also have a new deal with Tyler Evans’ supercross team, isn’t that right?

Mark: We inked a deal yesterday with Bloodshot, so we’ll be working with Tyler Evans and his team.

Britt: Be sure to catch us in the pits at Anaheim 3 and the San Diego Supercross. We’ll be in the Bloodshot pits for the next three years.

Where can folks check out Arsenal MX?

Britt: Check us out at Version four of our website just launched in the second week of January 2007.

Sounds awesome. Thanks, guys.

website just launched in the second week of January 2007.

Sounds awesome. Thanks, guys.