Friday Feature: Catching Up With Tim Ferry

Tim Ferry has had one heck of a 2007 Supercross season; finishing in the top-five in 12 of the 14 rounds completed, including six podiums and a second place in San Diego. All of this has Ferry — the newest member of the Monster Energy/Kawasaki factory team — sitting in third place in the overall points standings.

To gain some insight into the reasons for his successful ’07 campaign, we sat down to talk with Red Dog after he claimed yet another third place trophy in Detroit last weekend…

TWMX: Congratulations on yet another podium finish…

FERRY: Thanks! It’s another good night, and my sixth podium of the year. Things are just happening right now.

Your season’s been great; it’s almost like a rebirth of sorts…

Yeah, for sure; I had a few years that weren’t so stellar. I had a pretty good year last year with XXX, considering it was a privateer team we had pretty good results. This year I’ve just worked really hard, along with the Kawasaki guys too. They’ve got the bike working to my liking and I feel really comfortable. I feel better than I ever have in Supercross, and Supercross is not usually my specialty.

Other than the team and the bike, have you done anything in your own program that’s contributed to the success?

No, I really haven’t done anything different. I still have the same trainer I’ve had since ’03 — Dean Golich at CTS. I think really the main difference right now is I’m healthy; I’ve had a year back on the bike and I’ve got my confidence back, but my program hasn’t changed. I’m not doing anything new or spectacular. I’ve got a good bike, and I’m enjoying racing right now. It makes it fun coming to the races every weekend.

So it sounds like your mindset may be a big factor…

Yeah, I think so. I wasn’t really happy for a few years because of injuries and some other problems. Right now between the bike and the team; everything’s going so good that I’m waiting for something bad to happen one of these days. [BRACKET “Laughs”]

[BRACKET “Laughs”] Knock on wood, man…

How much do you feel can be attributed to the bike?

It’s really hard to say, but I think my training and talent have always been there, so I would have to say I think 50% is the bike and 50% is my health. When I’ve been healthy I’ve turned in good results, but not this good; so that leads me to believe that the bike is that good.

Now that we’re in the last few weeks of Supercross, are you setting your sights on the Outdoors?

Yeah, I went and did three days of testing and was supposed to head back to California, but I got a little sick right before Dallas and it took me a while to fully recover, so I took a whole week and did not do one thing for seven days, which is really tough for me to do. But I felt strong this weekend; I felt refreshed and excited to get back on the track. Right now I’m just having a lot of fun with Supercross, and since it’s something that’s always been a challenge for me, I feel like I’m kind of conquering it a little bit.

Do you do all your testing in California, or do you do some at the tracks at your house?

I have a Supercross and Outdoor track at home, but most all my testing is in California. I did a little testing at home around Daytona, and we have something coming up where they’re going to come and test with James (Stewart) and I in Florida for Outdoors.

Do you and James interact much, as far as discussing race strategy or training together?

We pretty much do our own thing…I think the vibe is really good here, between the two of us. I may ask him stuff here and there, and every now and then he’ll ask me something, but for the most part we have separate programs. When we’re in California we do a lot of riding together at the Kawasaki track, but once we get back home it’s hard beecause we’re both so busy and we live a little ways from each other.

That’s probably a common misperception people have; that teammates always ride together. It’s not like a baseball or football team…

No, it’s not. It’s kinda weird because sometimes I’ll ride with Chad (Reed), since we’ve been friends for a long time. I probably ride with Chad as much as I do James. Then I ride with Troy Adams and Jason Thomas every time I ride at home. So, it’s just kind of what works out, and what fits. Our main goal is to come here on the weekend and get the best results we can.

Again, congratulations on your results tonight and all season, and thanks for taking some time with us, Tim…