Friday Feature: EZ Chock

If you’re like us, you probably thought there really isn’t anything new or different that can be done to redesign your basic motorcycle chock. Well, as it turns out, George Hartmann, and his company, EZ Chock, Inc., have come up with a new design for the plain old chock. We first ran into EZ Chock at the 2006 A Day in the Dirt where they were one of the event vendors/sponsors.

We were impressed with the ingenuity that went into the EZ Chock design, so we followed-up with George to ask him about the product and his company…

George, why don’t you start by telling us about the EZ Chock, and what makes it different from the regular chocks we’re all used to seeing?

EZ Chock is a completely new concept and design for securing your motorcycles. What makes the EZ Chocks different from anything else on the market is that they do not mounting hardware of any kind. No drilling has to take place, and you can use the same chock in multiple locations; in the back of a pick up, on a flat bed trailer or in your box or toy hauler trailer.

How does it work?

With our patent-pending plate and tab strapping design the product is ready to use right out of the box. When you set the EZ Chock in your desired location all you do from there is set the back straps from the tab to secure the EZ Chock under heavy breaking. But the real secret to how it works is the plate that you roll your front tire onto. Once you roll the bike onto the plate and secure your frame/handlebars, the front tire down pressure on the plate secures it to the floor. We have also added a rubber bottom under the plate for a secure footing no matter what kind of floor you may have.

How did you come up with the original design?

I originally designed the EZ Chock out of a personal need. I am a motorcycle enthusiast who, like many others, transports dirt and street bikes in the back of my pick up, on a flat bed or my toy hauler. When the bike was in the back of my pick up I always had to worry about the tire turning and had to crank down on my shocks all the way. When I bought my newest toy hauler I was standing there on the first day with a drill in my hand saying to my self, “there has to be a better way!” After about a week of searching I could not find anything that was portable and affordable, and required no drilling or mounting hardware, so that is when I came up with my first design. Although today�s version of the EZ Chock is a lot nicer and cleaner it works the same as my first prototype.

So after designing your personal prototype, you officially launched EZ Chock, Inc.?

I only needed about a dozen people to tell me how cool it was for the light bulb to go on and move forward from there. Then came the second goal; if I was going to make this product, I wanted it to retail for under $100.00. We launched EZ Chock Inc. in September of 2006 to a very positive response; we quickly sold out of the product.

We are located in the Santa Clarita Valley of Southern California, and we’re working hard to spread the word!

Where can people find more info about EZ Chock?

You can log on to for more information or call us toll free at 866-385-7066. Also, keep an eye out in your local dealers for the EZ Chocks or order online. They come in two sizes: 3.5� for dirt bikes and 5.5� for street and cruisers.

Thanks, George.