Friday Feature: Ivan Tedesco

by Phil Urkov

Ivan Tedesco has been hindered with injuries for several seasons now. With promises of good health an all-new ride with Team Red Bull Honda, Hot Sauce was hoping for better luck in 2008. Sadly, the former 125cc National Champion is again sidelined; this time with a broken hand. We caught up with Ivan to see how his recovery is going and when he plans to return to the race track.

How are you? How’s Florida treating you?

Oh, it’s all good out here! Great weather for training and much better for riding all around! I grew up in New Mexico then moved to California with everyone else. I just got sick of the riding in California and was lucky enough to become friends with Townley and Ricky. I packed up and haven’t looked back. Like I said, the dirt and weather is so much better!

How’s that hand doing? We understand that you recently had surgery. What did they do exactly?

Well, it’s actually been three weeks today since I flew to Pittsburgh and went under the knife. They installed a pin and two screws into my right wrist. I actually had the pin taken out two days ago and the screws will stay in. I’m just excited to get this cast off next week and start some physical therapy. It always sucks when you get hurt, but at least I had a great surgeon and am on my way to a full recovery.

So how did you break it in the first place?

It was at Anaheim 3 during one of the practices. There was this little on/off section out of a tight corner. I jumped on and a little too far to the right, hit a tough block, and went over the bars. I thought I could walk it off but realized pretty quickly that it was broken. I was bummed to say the least.

How did you think the season had been going up until then? Were you happy with your results?

I was feeling good but wasn’t happy with my results. I struggled a little in the beginning of the season and unfortunately was just starting to come around when I got hurt. It just sucks that I was not able to show off my capabilities, especially on that new bike. That thing is so good. I just had so much to offer race-wise and felt like I let Honda down.

Well, it sounds like you are pretty much out for the remainder of the Supercross season. What next? Are the outdoors now your main focus?
It just takes the right amount of time to recover and that means having enough seat time. I’ve made that mistake before at Anaheim and it backfired. It takes time for anyone who rides and has been injured to recover then get back into shape. At our level it takes even more, so I just want to be 100 percent come Nationals.

What’s your new focus and mindset now since SX is out and MX is now your main goal?

I’m just going switch training straight to outdoors stuff. It’s always pretty hard to go directly from SX training right into MX. Most people don’t know, but they are two very different events that require a wide variety of different training themes. So, I’m just purely aiming for the fitness needed to run 100 percent come Glen Helen. At least I have that going for me!

With the time that you’ve had off, what have you been doing to pass the time?

I’ve actually been to most of the Supercrosses. It’s been fun checking those out and just spectating. I’m pretty happy with my teammates as of late. They’ve been running so good, which really doesn’t surprise me. They are fast and, like I said, that bike is amazing. Other than that, I’ve just been working out, riding sttationary bikes, running, and doing anything else I can without my hands.

Anything you want to tell the concerned Hot Sauce fans?

Of course! I’m all good and on the mend. Keep an eye open for me during the outdoors. I should be running in the front of the pack!