Friday Feature: Josh Demuth

Cary Hart and his Hart and Huntington Tattoo Company have stepped beyond their Supermoto team this season with the addition of a motocross division. And although this is a brand new endeavor, H&H did not waste any time getting to the races. At the last minute, H&H called on Josh Demuth to race the U.S. Open as their first signed rider. We caught up with Demuth in Las Vegas where he faired quite well, considering he had little to no preparation time.

How has the arenacross background helped you out here at the Open?
These tracks are a lot like it; every U.S. Open I have been to has been similar to an arenacross track. It helps me out a bunch. I think these are the kind of tracks I excel on.

Tell us a little about the team.
You know, we weren’t even supposed to be here. The guys at H&H and Rockstar put a ride together for me last minute. But I am going to be riding for them in Supercross and then the supermoto series afterward. We just kind of showed up. I had not ridden the bike before but we are getting it dialed in; the U.S. Open lap times show it. We are pumped on how the weekend is turning out.

Although it is such a new deal for you, can you tell us how the experience has been so far with Cary Hart at the helm?
I’ll tell you what, I have known these guys for a long time. I have known them since we were all traveling around in vans eating peanut and butter sandwiches. Cary has been successful and he and the team have put forth a lot of effort and are just sort of giving back. I have been struggling lately with rides and have been trying to get my racing career back on track. These guys are stepping up to help me do that. Everything that has happened so far has been a blessing. I am very happy to be with H&H and am excited to finish my career with them.

How does the bike feel?
The just put it together a couple days before we came so we really didn’t get any testing time. Fortunately I have been riding Hondas back home, so at least I have been on the same kind of bike. There were a few things we having been working on since we got here, like the suspension and jetting, but nothing major.

Is it safe to assume that you get free ink?
(Laughs) Yeah actually. That’s part of the deal. But my best friend back home, Chad, has done all my work for me.

So is it cheating if you get something done by someone else?
Yeah, he is a great friend. I wouldn’t do that to him; he is too good of a guy.

As far as Supercross, what are your expectations?
Well, this race was just last minute. But I have been training for arenacross…I was planning on doing that but then Cary’s deal came along. These next few months will just be testing. I think Cary is getting a Supercross track built out here in Las Vegas so I will be here riding and testing, as well as back home with the Hahn brothers. I live just down the street from Tommy and Will and I practice with them quite a bit. Between those two places, I should be ready for the first round of Supercross as long as I keep it on two wheels.

You mentioned racing supermoto after supercross is over. Have you done it much?
Ya know, I haven’t. I did Star Riding School a few times but never any supermoto. I am really excited about it. I think it is something I would like to continue when my MX career in over.

Josh and the H&H squad faired pretty well at this year’s Open, as Demuth took 3rd overall. Be sure to keep an eye out for Josh aboard a Rockstar/Hart & Huntington CRF450R this upcoming Supercross season.