Friday Feature: Polish Freestyle with Marcin Lukaszcyk

By Donn Maeda

If you’ve spent any amount of time surfing the Internet, chances are good that you already know who Marcin Lukaszcyk is. In case the name doesn’t ring a bell, the Polish Boy Wonder is one of the biggest stars on, thanks to a couple wildly popular clips of him performing—or attempting to perform—freestyle tricks aboard his 1986 CZ 250MX. Being huge fans, we just had to know more about young Marcin…

Marcin was kind enough to send us both of his videos. Click HERE and HERE to see the most incredible FMX videos we’ve ever seen!

How old are you?

I’m 18 years old.

Where do you live?

I live in Poland in Godziesze. It is a small town near Kalisz.

How did you become interested in FMX?

I saw the best polish freestyle rider, Bart Oglaza, at a show he was performing. After that, I really got into FMX. After some time, I bought my first cross bike and I built my first ramp.

What is your motorcycle?

My motorcycle is CZ 250 from 1986.

How did you build your ramp?

I built my ramp from the doors of a barn and a wooden fence. It was very dangerous and it was pretty hard to get the right position on it.
After every jump it folded up like domino!

Have you ridden motocross before, or did you become a FMX rider immediately?

I was riding on motocross, but too little to become an exact and good
FMX rider, because in my surroundings there aren’t any cross tracks. I kinda enjoy riding in motocross. This season I’m going to participate in some tournaments in my country.

You have had some incredible crashes and I can’t believe that you get up. Have you had some injuries?

At first I had many crashes, during two weekends I had about 150 of them and I managed not make myself anything. But one day I had a really serious crash – I broke my jaw in three places and I ripped my knee ligaments.

What is the worst crash you had?

In May 2007 I had my worst crash. While I was running onto my ramp, my rear brake got stuck. It looked as if I was going to do a front flip! I landed on my face and my Thor Force helmet crashed into smithereens.

Do your friends think that you are crazy?

They have already sentenced me to death! (Laughs) But they are still coming to see my jumps.

Have you ever wanted to give up?

Rather not. Every crash motivates me to further attempts and I will jump until my health will not let me to do it.

What modifications have you done to your bike to make it better for FMX?

I haven’t made any modifications. I jumped on an original bike as it was produced in 1986.

Your video has been very popular on and there are many pro racers in America who have seen it and talk about you. Does that make you feel famous?

It doesn’t make me feel famous. I’d like to be recognizable as a good and stylish rider and not as an ordinary stuntman that jumps on an old bike and fights for life during every jump.

What is your ultimate goal in FMX?

My aim is to start in an international contest, for example “Night of the
Jumps.” I will be training hhard and giving my best in order to reach it.

What are the tricks you can pull? What is the next trick you will try?

I can do some little tricks as heel-clicker to no-hander landing, coffin, Superman, nothing, and seat grab. It’s hard for me to say what will be the next trick cause I don’t wanna put a jinx on it.

Who are your heroes?

Bart Oglaza and Adam Jones.

Does being a FMX rider help you with the women?

Uh, difficult question cause I’ve never had a girlfriend and I can’t exactly answer that girls really like FMX. I don’t think that FMX could help in meeting a girl.