Friday Feature: Reader Photo Contest Results

Last weekend we had a wild idea. We asked you, our faithful readers, to send in your best jump, whip and big air photos. Since then, a steady stream of photos have been landing in my inbox. Hopefully everyone was motivated by the chance to be the winner and get their hands on a brand new TransWorld Motocross t-shirt, but I suspect it was also the chance to get your photo on the most popular motocross site on the Internet.

Check out the photos sent in from all over the world. Readers from Argentina, Mexico, Canada, France, England, Costa Rica, Portugal, seemingly every corner of the globe sent in their best shots. There is a good mix of straight up motocross, freeriding and even a few crash shots.

It has been tough to pick through the photos, and we would like to have included them all, but we had to draw the line somewhere. So, if you don’t see your photo in the galleries, keep an eye out for our next photo contest.

Congratulations to our winner: Nathan, from Cainville, Utah. This is the photo he sent in. Your t-shirt is on its way, Nathan!

Be sure to check out the gallery of other photos sent in by our readers by clicking on the link to the far right, under “related.” Look for your shot in there!