Friday Feature: Riders on the Web

It’s no surprise that here at we think the web is a great tool for sharing photos, videos, breaking news, and other cool motocross stuff. Apparently a growing number of pro MX and FMX riders agree, as a lot of them are maintaining “official” websites. Unfortunately far too many MX pros’ websites seem to have started out as a good thought, but haven’t been updated since back when pros still rode two-strokes. Fortunately, there are a few riders out there that are taking advantage of all the web has to offer by keeping their sites up-to-date.

Now, you could easily do the Google research yourself to find your favorite rider’s homepage, but being the nice guys we are here at TWMX, we thought we’d help you out with a quick rundown of some motocrossers’ dot-coms…

Nate Adams |
Although the news section could be more current, Nate Adams keeps his site pretty up-to-date with contest results and photos. His site also features a biography, contacts, and of course; a list of his current sponsors.

Mike and Jeff Alessi |
The Alessi brothers—Jeff in particular—have demonstrated quite a liking for all things web. Jeff has become a regular on Mototalk, and both of the young Red Bull KTM riders maintain sites on Myspace. Their site has all the usual results, sponsor listings, and schedules, but they also have a weekly email newsletter you can subscribe to, and a “fan of the week” feature where they post letters received from fans.

Stefan Everts |
He is a ten-time World GP Champion, and he has a pretty cool website. Some of the better features on Everts’ site include a profile with championship histories and photo galleries going back to 1988.

James Stewart |
Apparently simple is better is Bubba’s approach to the Internet. There’s not a whole lot going on at his site, but there is a James Stewart newsletter that sees occasional updates. Check it out.

David Vuillemin |
David Vuillemin is definitely a fan of the web. He can frequently be spotted on popular MX message boards, and Les Cobra gets the credit for one of the best rider websites around. Vuillemin’s site is updated so often, it would seem he spends all his free time between practices and racing, hacking away in front of the compute. You’ll find news updates from DV himself, as well as links to cool videos and other stuff he finds on the net. Plus, you can read his site in English, or in DV’s mother tongue; French.

Do you have another MX website you think we should know about? Go to our contact us page and let us know!