Langston Racing

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Everyone in the motocross scene knows the name, Langston. What everyone may not know, is that in addition to being the current AMA Supercross Lites West Coast Champion, Langston and his family own and operate a successful motocross parts and apparel distribution company, shop and service center.

Langston Racing (check out is the second largest importer/exporter of motocross apparel and parts in South Africa and operates a growing motocross apparel, parts and service shop near Lake Elsinore Motocross Park in Lake Elsinore, California.

Today we got the grand tour of the shop and sat down with Gerald Langston, who heads up the day-to-day operations of the business, to learn a bit more about Langston Racing.

Tell us about Langston Racing

We never actually planned on starting a business, but when we took Grant to Europe people would ask ‘hey can you get this for me’. So we started by sending stuff back to friends in South Africa. But it quickly started getting to be too much, so we decided the time had come to start a business. We hooked up with our partner in South Africa and started doing business out of his garage. That started back in 1999 and has now grown into a multimillion dollar import and distribution business in South Africa.

Then in 2001, when Grant came to the U.S. with KTM, we decided to see if the Doma pipe would sell, and it went really well. We started working from home, then moved into a small warehouse in Temecula. We often visited Lake Elsinore MX to practice and saw this location as a great place for a shop. We couldn’t believe no one else had done it. Finally we decided; let’s not just talk about, let’s get something going. In 2004 we moved into the current shop and began doing apparel, parts and service. But still the biggest part of our business is South Africa.

Is using the name “Langston a big part of your success?

Absolutely. We have found that it gives us credibility; because people know with Grant involved we are not fly-by-night. Customers know we would never do anything underhanded because it would reflect badly on him. Plus, customers like to visit the shop and shoot the breeze about how Grant is doing. And although Grant is not here everyday, when he is in the shop it is a great treat for kids that get a chance to meet him, talk and get autographs.

Now that Grant is living in Florida, does it have any effect on operating the business here in SoCal?

No, not really. He still visits often for testing and training, and he still keeps a home nearby for during Supercross season.

The tour of your shop is impressive. Tell us about the products and services you offer.

Retail is our biggest department by far, but we also offer full services and modifications onsite. As part of that we have a suspension service and a dyno facility onsite. Plus we are making a big drive on the import and distribution side, including the Dirt Freak products from Japan that been growing in popularity.

We also offer mail and website orders at

You mentioned earlier the benefits of being located outside the entrance to Lake Elsinore Motocross Park. Tell us more about what that has meant to the business.

We have visited most of the big tracks in the world, and there is no track we know of that is as busy as this one. The whole reason we are here in Southern California is because this is the ‘motocross meca’. Before opening, we spoke with the track owner and the city, and we think the city has finally realized how important this track is for Lake Elsinore. With their assurance that the track would continue to operate and they would assist with any relocation in the future (if necessary), we felt that this was the best location and we went for it. We have never had to advertise and we were profitable in our second year of operation.

Thanks again for the tour of your shop and for spending some time with us.

Your welcome.

Look on the far right of the screen under “RELATED” for more photos from the Langston Racing shop >>

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