Friday San Diego Update

Swap just called from the track in San Diego to give us a Friday report, so fantasy players take note, here’s what he saw today‚Ķ

The start is elevated‚Ķsort of BMX-style. It’s also much more than it was at Anaheim 3 last season. This one’s taller (about four feet) and has a much steeper drop. It’ll probably neutralize some of the advantage that 450s had on the long start straight in San Diego, and Swap talked to Nate Ramsey, who said that it’ll definitely take some finesse to get off the gate successfully.

When we talked to Sean Hamblin last Wednesday, he said he was skipping Friday practice, but would try to ride on Saturday. No update on whether we’ll see him suited up or not.

Tyler Evans’ bike is making more frequent trips to the Suzuki truck, but he’s still on his own bike, not one of the factory machines.

Rodrig Thain is on board an ECC Suzuki, but other than a couple rides this week, he hasn’t ridden since Bercy.

Tim Ferry rode three laps of practice at cruising speeds before parking it for the day. No definitive word on whether he’s in or out for tomorrow.

Mike Craig tried a triple on the first lap of practice and crashed, resulting in a broken arm.

Josh Hansen is riding with a broken hand, suffered in a Tuesday practice crash at the Yamaha track.

That’s it! Look for our TWMX Race Report on Sunday.