Friday Time Waster: Line Rider Revisited

After posting our little article about Line Rider last week, we’ve been barraged by emails referencing the addictive little game. Most of the emails were along the lines of, “hey, dummy, there’s a motorcycle version of the game”.

Okay, we admit that we didn’t realize until now that Line Rider had become such a phenomenon that there are multiple versions out there. The motorcycle version can be found here, by the way.

In addition to all the emails pointing out our oversight of the moto-version of Line Rider, we received an email directing us to these two Line Rider videos on YouTube.

That’s right, Line Rider videos.

We’re not sure what astonishes us most about these videos: how much we’re impressed by the time and skill that went into making them, or how frightened we are that someone would have enough time to spend, and have acquired enough Line Rider skill, to make them.

Check them out and decide for yourself: