From Team Sports To Moto: Matt Piva’s Journey Into The Industry

Everyone in the motocross industry has a different story on how they got the chance to pursue their passion. Some were past riders that couldn't quite make it as a pro, or they needed a job after retirement; some had family members that were already in the industry, and they helped them get their foot in the door; and for people like Matt Piva, he grew up playing team sports, but always had a dream about working in the moto industry. So, when he finally got the chance back in 2008 to join the team over at FMF, he took it. Once he was in, many other opportunities opened up for him, and now he calls Skullcandy his home as the Motocross Marketing Manager.

Meet Skullcandy’s Motocross Marketing Manager, Matt Piva.

What is your job title here?

My job title is, Moto Marketing Manager. So, anything that has to do with moto, I pretty much have my hands in it. All of the category managers--surf, snow, skate, and moto--report to the director of marketing, as well as the VP of marketing. So, it works out pretty well.

What is a typical day for you at Skullcandy?

Monday is when we have our sports marketing meeting with our different categories. Those meetings are pretty key to start the week off because the marketing staff is usually all over place during the week. So, those meetings give us a chance to see what projects are taken place, it allows everyone to get on the same page, and then we're prepared for another successful week.

Just like most of us in the industry, Piva lives for moto, and he’s at the track any chance he gets.

Throughout the week, you can be at the office, out at the track with an athlete for photos and video, getting set up for a custom product, or you could be setting up for an event. When you're working in marketing, there's never a dull moment.

Does everyone in the office reach out to the different categories for ideas?

Yeah, definitely. When it comes to athletes, contest ideas, social media, creative ideas, and ad campaigns, we all kind of feed off of each other; which is great. I mean, every category is a little different because skate is going to do one thing, snow could be doing something totally different, or maybe we could all be doing the same thing. So, it's nice that everyone is in-house, and we have that ability to brainstorm with each other.

Also, being in San Clemente, we're not too far away from many of the athletes. A lot of them stop in to help us out with ideas, too. It's like a big family over here, and it's great.

What companies have you worked for in the past?

I first got into the industry back in 2008, and I worked alongside Donny Emler at FMF with their apparel line for about three years. After that, I did some independent contract work for a company called Federation 48. After two years with that company, I moved over to Skullcandy back in August. So, I'm cranking away over here now, and things are great.

Matt credits his passion for motocross to his childhood hero, Marty Moates.

What got you into moto, and what is it about moto that you like?

To be honest, I grew up in Carlsbad next to Marty Moates. Marty was so inspiring and motivating to me because he won the 1980 Carlsbad USGP as a full privateer. He was a legend, and he's kind of what pushed me into motocross. So, when I was about 12 years old, I started riding dirt bikes. I really wanted to race at that time, but my dad had plans of putting me in baseball and football. So, those two sports didn't really leave a lot of time for riding dirt bikes, but I did try to sneak it in every now and then on the weekends. Once I was 18 and away from all of those team sports, motocross became part of my every day program, and I tried to do that as much as I could. When Marty passed away, I started working for FMF because that was kind of like his baby, and everything just took off from there.