From the Porch: Finally! The 250 SX Championship


For the last few weeks, I’ve been impatient. Even though I had a big points lead and a lot of momentum, I was anxious to get the title wrapped up and the pressure off. Coming into Dallas, I had to win the race and hope that Jeremy didn’t finish any better than third to clinch the title.

Things couldn’t have turned out any better! I battled early in the race with my buddy Yogi, and the two of us passed eachother back and forth a bunch of times. Every time that I would pass him, Yogi would blitz back past me in the second set of whoops. There were two sets of whoops at Dallas, and the second one was filled with really deep bumps. Yogi just seemed to have that set dialed. Anyway, we got out in front real quick and I finally opened up a lead on him. I think he fell just after the halfway point, but the two of us had opened up such a big lead over the rest of the pack that he had time to get back on.

Jeremy finished third about 30 seconds behind me and it was a huge relief to cross the finish line. Winning the Supercross Championship is an amazing feeling. For the past couple of years, it seemed like I would never get a grip on 250 SX! It’s great to think that I have now won every major AMA title in motocross that there is to win, and now I am going to concentrate on winning the last two races of the season and tying McGrath’s record for most consecutive wins.


Now that the championship is mine, I can really start outdoor testing and get back to what I love the most – riding outdoors! We’ve only tested one or two days right before Daytona. I didn’t want to get caught up in outdoor testing until I had the SX title wrapped up. Now I am really looking forward to the start of the Nationals, because that is where I really believe that I shine.


Glen Helen is only a few weeks away, but I know that the bikes will be good. Even though I haven’t been testing the outdoor set up, the guys at Kawasaki have. Wish em luck on the last two SX races, and I’ll see you all at Glen Helen!

– RC