Gaerne's popular SG-10 boot is a favorite of the TransWorld Motocross testing staff thanks to its exceptional comfort and high level of protection. The SG-12 is the latest and greatest from the Italian boot maker, and it takes the design of the tried-and-true SG-10 and goes so much further that the new boot skipped right past the number 11.
We thought that the existing SG-10 was comfortable, but compared to the ultra-plush SG-12, the old boots feel like ancient torture devices. The interior memory foam padding is the plushest we've ever slipped our feet into, and thanks to the boot's Twin-Pivot hinged design, the ankle of the SG-12 is snug and streamlined, with absolutely no outward bunching when flexed. The rubber that surrounds the actual pivot point of the SG-12 is vastly improved over the SG-10's, which used to tear or wear away when worn by an aggressive rider who rode with a firm grip on the motorcycle's frame. Additionally, the massive rubber panels on the inside surface of the SG-12 offer maximum grip against the motorcycle, which in turn equals better control out on the track. The new buckles are among the easiest to operate, and require no special technique or care to operate. The glued-on soles feature softer compounds in the shifter and brake pedal contact points, and thus far, have exhibited a long lifespan, even against super-sharp aftermarket foot pegs. The all-new look of the SG-12 is both progressive and stylish, without being overdone.
The new Gaerne SG-12 had a tall order to fill to dethrone the existing SG-10 as the TransWorld Motocross testing staff's favorite boot, but Gaerne scored a home run with its first at-bat with the exciting new boot. Now, if only the dollar would gain some leverage against the almighty Euro…

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