Gear Check With Ken Roczen

We hit up our buddy Warren Johnson at Fox for a few details on the gear worn by Red Bull KTM’s Ken Roczen. While a few small details would have sufficed, WJ fired back a full rundown on Kenny’s head-to-toe kit. Take it away Warren…

“His favorite gear style & colorway right now is what he wore and won in at the Motocross of Nation, 360 Machina (Team Germany).¬†The Machina graphic draws influence from the popular Covert graphic. Machina blends bold Fox graphics with motorsport inspired design cues.”

Fox 360 Machina Jersey
Size: Medium
MSRP: $49.95

“Ken's jerseys are fully vented for the outdoors with sublimated team sponsor logos, including rider name & number. The jerseys are tailored one-inch on each side, which provides a custom fit. It's one of those key extra steps that Fox MX Team Manager Chris Onstott arranges to ensure the utmost in comfort for his riders.”

Fox 360 Machina Pant
Size: 30
MSRP: $169.95

“Roczen's pants have some material taken out of the legs to give him that perfect fit and to ensure that he can ultimately grip the bike without any excess material hindering his performance. Red Bull & KTM leg logos are sewn on to accommodate all sponsorship obligations.”

Butt Patch
Not for Sale

“Kenny loves to run just about anything special and he likes to mix it up. The Fox Designers have fun keeping it fresh for him!”

Fox Airline Glove
Size: Small
MSRP: $26.95

“The Airline glove offers a combination of simplicity and style. It features a slip-on design, excellent breath-ability and a single layer perforated palm. This is the glove of choice for all of Fox's top racers. No mods are made to Kenny's gloves.”

Fox V4 Helmet 
Size: Small
MSRP $549.95

“Roczen wears a custom painted Red Bull graphic per his team sponsorship requirements.”

Fox Instinct Boot
Size: 10
MSRP $549.95

“His boots come right out of the box and on to the racetrack. At the MXoN, Roczen wore a LE colorway that matched his racewear, which will be offered for sale soon.”

Fox Main Retro Goggles
MSRP $40.00

“Roczen likes to wear whatever goggle graphic provided by Chris Onstott, who builds all of Kenny's goggles for the races. For the outdoors, Roczen prefers a blue Lexan lens with 20 laminated tear-offs.”

Fox Proforma Knee Brace Sock
Size: Medium
MSRP $29.95

“Kenny likes to wear a new pair of socks each time he rides.”

Where to get Kenny’s gear: