Gear Check With Kyle Chisholm

We’ve got to give it to Kyle Chisholm for his 2012 performance. Despite a serious burn and wrist injury in the waning rounds of the Supercross season, he earned 11th place in the point standings and only missed the finale in Las Vegas. After healing up in the time between Vegas and Hangtown, he attacked the Nationals and finished eighth overall. Chisholm did all of this in style, as his gear was dialed from head to toe. Learn more about the number 11 and his preferences in this edition of Gear Check.

O’Neal MX

2013 Hardwear Jersey
Size: Large
Price: $54.99

For the hotter Nationals, Kyle prefers the vented Hardware jersey. There are a total of 15 individual heat transfers that are applied to every jersey. The transfers must be light so they are not noticed by him, yet big enough to display sponsor logos.

2013 Hardware Pants
Size: 32
Price: $169.99

Kyle wears O’Neal’s Hardwear pant. This pant holds up to the toughest elements of the Nationals while still having vented panels to help keep him cool. While some of the brand’s riders need the pants to be altered, “Chizz” wears them right off the shelf and likes the 360 degree belt closure on the pants. The only customization on the pants in the applications of DNA/Jeff Ward Racing thigh patches on the back of his pants.

2013 O’Neal Jump Glove
Size: 10
Price: $29.99

The jump glove is O’Neal’s lightest and least restrictive glove. Kyle does not like brand new gloves, so he often wears the same pair for several races.


Tech 10 Boots
Size: 11
Price: $579.95

Kyle’s laid back attitude carries over into his boots, as he runs them unmodified.


GPX Pro Neck Brace
Price: $599.00

A firm believer in the Leatt-Brace and its protective qualities, Chisholm customizes it with an N-Style graphics kit.

Adventure Lite Chest Protector
Price: $129.99

Though Chisholm always ran a chest protector prior to a vicious crash during the 2011 Supercross season that landed him in the hospital with internal injuries, he now wears the new Leatt armor beneath his jersey.


RPHA X Helmet
Size: Small
Price: $349.99

Partway through the season Chisholm debuted the new high-end offering from HJC, the RPHA X. The helmet has recently been released to the public. Despite being a bigger guy and standing in the six-foot range, he wears a small sized lid. Tagger Designs of Southern California painted numerous Unit Riders schemes for him during the year.

EKS Brand

Gox Goggle
Price: $42.00

Chisholm has used EKS Brand goggles for the past few seasons, another sponsor that he carried over from his time at MotoConcepts in 2011. When the temperatures start to rise, a feminine pad is applied to the forehead layer of foam to absorb sweat. Depending on the conditions, 14 to 21 tear-offs may be loaded on the goggles.


HD Hero2 Camera
Price: $299.99

As a sponsor to DNA Energy/Jeff Ward Racing/Kawasaki, the extremely popular camera was mounted atop his helmet every time he took to the track.

Virus Intl

Stay Cool Sleeveless Undershirt
Price: $36.99

With particles of recycled jade in the material, the groundbreaking under-apparel from upstart brand Virus Intl has been in Chisholm’s gear bag all year.

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