Gear Check With Kyle Cunningham

Kyle Cunningham was one of the many racers to have an extremely difficult 2012 race season. A crash at the opening round in Dallas that left him with an injured wrist put him behind the eight ball immediately, and from there things only got worse. The Star/Valli/Rockstar/Yamaha rider then was knocked out for a decent length of time at Indy, and fought a list of other aliments for the rest of the year. Although he missed half of the motos in the Nationals, he still would be ranked 15th overall in the 250 championship. We hit up Kyle and Dien at SCOTT Sports for a breakdown of KC’s kit for this week’s Gear Check. 2013 SCOTT 350 Gridlocke Jersey Size: Medium MSRP: $45.00 The jerseys are custom made for the Star team, with the sponsor logos printed into the jersey. Typically stock jerseys are used and the sponsor logos are heat transferred onto the jersey. While this is fine in the relatively low temps of Supercross, it doesn't work well for the outdoors in the high heat of the summer. The heat transferred logos tend to stick to the rider when the temps rise and interfere with how the jersey vents, so SCOTT Sports sublimates the logos into the fabric.

2013 SCOTT 350 Gridlocke Pant Size: 30 MSRP: $120.00 The only modifications SCOTT makes to the pants is the addition of adjustment straps on either side of the waist. Kyle is too big to fit the 28's, but too small for the 30's. The straps help ensure that his pants stay up during the long moto's.

2013 SCOTT 350 Gridlocke Gloves Size: Medium MSRP: $30.00 Kyle prefers the 350 glove over the more expensive 450 glove due to the minimalistic design. The single layer synthetic palm of the 350 is what Kyle prefers.

2013 SCOTT 350 Helmet Size: Small MSRP: $200.00 All four Lites riders on the Star/Valli team use the SCOTT 350 helmet. Team sponsor Rockstar Energy mandates that the helmet be a simple black base with the the star logo on both sides, while the rider’s name is painted on the back. Troy Lee Designs paints all of the team’s helmets.

2013 SCOTT Hustle Goggle in Tiger Black/White MSRP: $75.00Kyle prefers the Hustle goggles and usually runs clear lenses. SCOTT Sports rider rep John Knowles typically loads 14-21 laminated tear-offs per moto to the goggles, but this varies depending on the conditions. The Hustle goggle features the custom Fit-System, which Cunningham prefers to have adjusted to the #3 setting.

Gaerne SG-12 Boots Size: 9 MSRP: $559.99 With its hinged design, there is not much a rider can or needs to do to tailor the SG-12 boots to their preferences. Cunningham wears a size nine.

Allsport Dynamics OH2 Wrist Brace MSRP: $375.00 Like many 250 riders this year, Cunningham raced portions of the Supercross season with his wounded wrist in an Allsport Dynamics wrist brace.

GoPro HD Hero2 Camera Price: $299.99 As a sponsor of the Star/Valli team, Cunningham and his teammates were included in the weekly race edits. The camera mounted to Cunningham’s helmet at Indianapolis caught the vicious crash that knocked him unconscious and led to the first red flag and restart in Supercross history.

Where To Get Kyle’s Kit