Though you may think your current riding gear is identical to that of your favorite racer, it is not always the case. Making alterations to every piece of the kit is quite common and allows a racer to feel completely comfortable in their only line of protection aboard a bike. In this new feature, we pick apart the gear bags of the sport’s top stars to find out about their threads. For the first installment, we called upon GEICO Powersports Honda’s Wil Hahn, who is one of the many riders clad in the new Alias gear, to break down his 2012 look.

Alias Pants, Size 30

"I run a standard 30 inch waist pant. Luckily the sides are adjustable, so if you need them to go a little bigger than can, and if you need them smaller, you can tighten them up a bit. The 30's fit me perfectly and the two straps allow me to do what I need to do. I like the fact that they are so light for the breathing and I am able to keep cool. When they are thick, you are sweating and it's not easy to maneuver your bike. When you are completely clean like that and really light, it feels like you have nothing on. They had the gear all ready to go when they gave it to us. We tweaked a few things here and there, but they were dialed in from the get-go."

Alias Jersey, Size Medium

"My jersey is a normal medium size. This is a different material than normal; I think it is slicker because I think it is polyester. They have a good feel to them, and just like the pants, they are light. The design is different than anything else and the lettering is printed into fabric instead of being an iron-on."

Alias Gloves, Size Small

"The gloves are smalls, because I have tiny hands. They have a great feel and we have worked hard on them."

POD K700 Knee Braces, Size Medium

"I have worn them since 2009. I got started on them when Shift and everyone brought them over, when I was riding for KTM. They have a good ligament built into them and they give, which is what I like most about them. When you hit hard, they give. They are really light and really thin, and I wouldn't change them."

Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots, Size 9

"I don't alter the bootie at all. How they come out of the box is the way that I run them. I have always loved my Tech 10's. I like to break them in before I race in them, but they break in quickly and I'm not too particular."

Shoei VFX-W Helmet, Size Small

"The name speaks for itself. They are unbelievably comfortable and they breathe really well, like my pants and jersey. The protection is there and they have the background to prove it. I don’t run anything like a mouthguard or ear plugs."

Oakley Crowbar Goggles

"The foam on the Oakley's is so strong that I don't have to do anything for sweating. I typically run seven laminated tear-offs."