GoldenTyre Introduces GT230 Super MX

FAENZA, 14 July 2007 — Today at the FIM Motocross Grand Prix Città  di Faenza GoldenTyre presented the new “GT230 Super MX tyre, which will be used by Italian Marco Casucci of KTM Orange and Belgian Danny Theybers of Suzuki-Team MTM.

This is the first tubeless motocross tyre, front and rear, having no mousse or tube, and it will be on show at GoldenTyre’s paddock stand.

The “GT230 Super MX has finally made its debut in the Grand Prix’s after a long test period with many top motocross riders, to which Alpina Raggi gave its support.

The final result was astonishing, and the tyre manufacturer from Tuscany, being the first one to introduce a tubeless tyre in a Motocross Grand Prix, can finally present to the public a brand new and lightweight product.

In racing, the “GT230 Super MX makes riding much easier, with greater response for the bike’s handling, but the overall benefits can be seen in everyday use too.