Good news for Elizabeth Bash

Today has been full of new things and good news, aside from the terrible 

nurse that doesn’t want to do her job.  She is getting more and more 

back to normal which is a good thing for her, but bad for us and the 

nurses.  First good news of the day is that her pancreas lab tests are 

down in the mid to lower 100’s (below 100 is in the normal range) and 

her spleen tests are holding strong near the normal range.  She started 

off the new tasks today with getting her catheter removed, which is 

something that she has hated since the Emergency Room.  This was a big 

step because now she is required to get up and walk across the room to 

use the restroom.  The first trip this morning was a little shaky, but 

the more she gets up the better.  The doctor allowed her to take a few 

sips of Apple Juice this morning, but it seemed to upset her stomach a 

little so we will wait and try some more this evening.  She hasn’t had 

any food or drink since breakfast Sunday morning, so this was a huge 

step in the right direction.  The doctors say once the liquid doesn’t 

upset her stomach and the labs are in the normal range they will try her 

on some soft foods.  We are still not clear on when she will be 

released, but the doctor estimated within a week if everything goes 

well.  We are under the impression that once she can take on food 

without pain and all the lab results are in the normal range she will be 

free to go.  The last of the small, but very significant new tasks was 

that she took oral pain medicine instead of IV.  All of these small 

steps are moving her closer to the door out of this place and seem to 

lift her spirits more. 

Aside from the worst nurse in this whole hospital, there is not much 

negative news today.  The fever is still lingering around but she is on 

antibiotics and it seems be a little more in control. 

She really likes getting the huge stacks of patient E-Greetings and 

makes me read them aloud right when they are delivered.  We are running 

out of room for all the presents, flowers and balloons, but she loves 

them-keep em’ coming!  We would also like to thank DeCal Works and the 

Joynt family for the VERY GENEROUS gift.  She was thrilled and I think 

it was a turning point in lifting her spirits. 

The contact information is still the same:

John Peter Smith Hospital

1500 South Main

Fort Worth, TX  76104 and click email a patient on the bottom 

left for an E-Greeting sent directly to her room.

Patient: Elizabeth Bash

PCU Tower 2 – Room 205 B

Visiting hours – 8am-12pm, 2pm-6pm & 8pm-10pm

Thank you,

Charles Castloo