Goon Riding Contest: Don’t Forget!

Guys like DV12 and Sean Hamblin pull off some of the best goon riding we’ve ever seen, and we want to see if you can top them. As you can see in these photos, Les Cobra even did a little goon riding at last year’s U.S. Open, and again this weekend during practice at Daytona.

We have to give credit to “Brapppp?” over at for this idea, but here’s how it will work:

1. Send us a short video clip of your best goon riding antics.

2. The TWMX staff will pick the best video out of the bunch, and the winner will receive a swag pack of TransWorld MX paraphernalia, including a TWMX t-shirt and some other cool stuff.

3. April Fool’s Day seems like an appropriate deadline for a contest like this, so be sure to get us your video clip by April 1.

4. We will run the best vids and announce the winner that week.

5. The details:

  • Send videos (or links if you have them uploaded on the web already) to
  • Please keep the videos short. Two minutes or less in length is preferred.
  • All videos may be run on, so don’t expect to keep your goon style a secret.

Now get out there and make your best goon riding video. We can’t wait to see them!

Click here for an old, but still hilarious clip of Sean Hamblin goon riding if you need some insipiration…