This morning at Squaw Valley Resort in Olympic Valley, California, GoPro announced its new 2016 product line, which consists of two new cameras – the Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session – as well as an exciting new drone/stabilization package dubbed Karma. Equally exciting as the three new products are a free editing software package dubbed Quik that is available in both desktop and mobile versions, as well as GoPro Plus – a subscription-based cloud storage system – and GoPro Care, which insures GoPro customers’ investments with damage replacement policies that will inspire peace of mind.


The video at the top of this page was made on the new Quik desktop software, in literally two minutes or so. Yes, it’s that easy to use! Import your clips, select a video length, choose from the GoPro library of licensed music, and press go. The software imports your clips, times the edits to the beats of the music, and exports everything into a nice, tidy, .mp4 file. Granted, those with professional editing software will still want to edit and export their work using their normal programs, but for the average consumer, the GoPro Quik program is utterly amazing. On the mobile version, it’s possible to select music from your music library, and the editing process is equally as user friendly. Imagine connecting your phone to your GoPro at the track, then editing and posting a video before you even load up to go home…pretty sweet if you ask me!



But what about the new GoPro Hero5 Black camera? I’ve been a GoPro fan since the first Hero came out, (Wow, am I dating myself or what?) especially because before it came out, I used to literally duct tape a small Sony Handycam to the top of a helmet, using a beanie as cushion in between the camera and helmet shell! Guys like Grant Langston and Jason Lawrence were good sports and spun some sketchy laps with the heavy concoction on their heads! Needless to say, the GoPro changed everything for us dirt bikers, and with the Hero5 Black, they have done it again!

For several GoPro model generations now, I’ve been a huge fan of “The Frame,” which eliminates the bulky waterproof housing and makes the entire system much sleeker, so that it can be mounted upside down beneath my helmet visor. The problem with using The Frame is that it leaves the camera more susceptible to roost damage, and I’ve ruined several cameras this way. The new GoPro Hero5 Black is so much better than the camera it replaces, that I need to go into bulletpoint format to discuss all the great things about it.

  • The new Hero5 Black is waterproof as is…no bulky clear case! It can be submerged up to 33 feet below the surface, and that’s certainly deeper than I ever plan to go into the ocean! Without the case, the Hero5 is much more compact and can fit in places that the Hero4 can not.
  • The body of the camera has a rubberized feel which I assume adds some impact protection.
  • Video quality is exceptional. Though for web usage I normally default to 1080p, the camera will shoot at 4K.
  • Ready for this? The camera can be controlled with voice commands! That’s right. “GoPro, start recording,” gets the camera recording. Other commands that work include stop recording, shoot photo, shoot burst, and turn off. There are 13 commands in all. Furthermore, it can be set to Australian, UK, and American versions of English, plus French, Italian, German, Spanish (North American and European), Japanese and Chinese!
  • Image stabilization is built into the Hero5 and it can be turned on or off. I strapped the camera around my chest and went for a quick mountain bike ride this afternoon, and couldn’t believe how well the feature works. Having tried a chest mount on a motorcycle years ago, I know that the image is much improved, as I am certainly not a very smooth mountain biker, either…
  • The touch screen on the back of the camera is very simple and easy to operate. Switching settings is as easy as sending a text message. The wide, medium and narrow field of view settings make it possible to fine-tune the look of your photos and video.
  • Still photo image quality is pretty awesome, as the camera can shoot 12 mp photos, in raw setting.
  • The Hero5 is equipped with multiple microphones and software to select the best two inputs for best audio and minimal wind noise.

Personally, I’ve not used a GoPro for still photos that much, but the images that came out of the Hero5 are great, right out of the camera!

Got to meet @lokithewolfdog today. He

Got to meet @lokithewolfdog today. He’s got 1.1 million followers on Instagram. That’s right, and he doesn’t even need to pimp Skinny Tea! I was pretty pumped to meet him, but I don’t think Yuki Dog will be too stoked on me when I get home…

I got to fart around on a Specialized Turbo Levo while a bunch of other journalists were waiting to fly the Karma drone. While I was riding, I shouted, "GoPro, shoot a burst!" This is one of the photos! Pretty sick, right? The camera

I got to fart around on a Specialized Turbo Levo while a bunch of other journalists were waiting to fly the Karma drone. While I was riding, I shouted, “GoPro, shoot a burst!” This is one of the photos! Pretty sick, right? The camera’s ability to compensate exposure settings for shadows in a split second is very impressive.

One of the coolest parts of today

One of the coolest parts of today’s GoPro 2016 Product Launch was getting to hang out with GoPro’s Chris Kinman, who used to work with us at TransWorld Motocross as Managing Editor. Thanks for the invite, Skinny!

Check our Facebook page¬†for a Facebook Live Q&A session with Chris Kinman, in which we speak about the many cool features of the camera. If you don’t have a Facebook, sit tight…we will embed the video here tomorrow morning!

Until then, visit for more information on all the cool new products and software!