Grant Langston And KTM Redefine Relationship

KTM has enjoyed an extended, mutually beneficial relationship with Grant Langston and his company, Langston Racing. During this time Grant has provided KTM with a FIM 125cc World Motocross Championship, KTM¿s first AMA 125cc National Motocross Championship, KTM¿s first AMA Supermoto Championship, and KTM¿s first AMA 125cc Supercross Championship event win.

After several months of consulting with medical specialists, it has become quite clear that Grant needs to take extended time away from the professional Supercross and Motocross series to allow a serious case of carpel-tunnel syndrome to properly heal. If Grant does not allow himself the appropriate amount of time off, his injury could cause major problems in the future and interfere with his professional racing career. Since Grant¿s injury is so critical, and impeding him from competing at the highest level, KTM does not wish to have him contest the remainder of the season¿s events just to have him on the starting line. KTM wants Grant to make a complete and full recovery so that he can compete at the highest level possible.

With the facts above in mind, it is in Grant Langston¿s and KTM¿s best interest to redefine the relationship that will be pursued for the balance of his career:

  • KTM will release Grant from his current obligations of racing and testing for the remainder of the 2004 AMA National Motocross series under his existing Supercross and motocross contract.
  • Grant will focus his attentions on forming a new professional Supermoto team under the Langston Racing umbrella and train for the upcoming ESPN X Games, and also for the 2004 AMA supermoto series.
  • KTM will provide Grant two factory Supermoto motorcycles and full parts support to compete in the AMA Supermoto series and the upcoming X games.

Grant stated, ¿I would like to thank KTM for the great support and equipment for the past five years and also for their understanding of my current medical condition. The doctors have assured me that with sometime away from the pounding that a rider’s wrist takes in Supercross and Motocross, I should be able to return at a 100% for the 2005 SX season opener at Anaheim. I’ve also been told because of the little amount of stress that supermoto puts on a rider’s wrists, racing these events will not be a problem for me to compete in and will not impede my healing process. I can’t even begin to express how excited I am about the opportunity to compete this summer in my first X-Games and I hope to be able to be able to provide KTM with their first Gold Medal in the X-Games and defend my AMA Supermoto championship this fall. I also want to thank my other sponsors, Parts Unlimited, Thor, Alpinestars, M2R, Scott USA & Etnies for being supportive during my recovery from my injury.¿

KTM motocross manager, Larry Brooks commented, ¿Grant has been a true Champion during his entire racing career with KTM. His dedication, hard work, and tenacity exemplify the goals we have established for our team. We wish him continued success in all his future racing endeavors and are looking forward to help him win one more championship in the process.¿

KTM North America¿s President, Rod Bush added, ¿Grant has accomplished so much with KTM over the past five years, we can¿t thank him enough for all he¿s done to help establish our marque as a serious contender in the World and U.S. motocross scene. We wish him and Langston racing all the best. I look forward to seeing him go out on top with KTM with one more championship under his belt.¿