GYT-R Magnesium YZ Hubs/White Bros. Excel Wheel Kit

GYT-R MAGNESIUM YZ HUBS/WHITE BROS. EXCEL WHEEL KITAPPLICATION: Hubs, all current Yamaha YZs; wheels, all bikesPRICE: $685.86 (front hub); $738.29 (rear hub)RATING: 9

Yamaha offers a complete line of dirt bike accessories that can keep even the most-enthused and wealthy rider satisfied. In our opinion, the crown jewels in the GYT-R accessory line are the magnesium hubs. At almost $1,500.00 for the set, they definitely aren’t cheap, but they are perhaps the trickest part available for your Yamaha YZ motorcycle.

Patterned after the works hubs used by the factory race team, the GYT-R hubs save about a half pound each over the stockers. The hubs come complete with stock bearings, seals and spacers, and use the stock axles and spokes. When we got our set, we put them on the shelf to admire for a while before boxing them back up and sending them off to our friends at White Bros.

White Bros. may be best known as a distributor of aftermarket parts and accessories, or as the manufacturer of some of the best four-stroke exhausts around, but they also have an accomplished wheel-building center. As distributors of Excel wheels and Talon hubs, they offer their wheel-building expertise to the public.

Everyone knows that Excel wheels are the industry standard, and we had our hubs matched up to a set of silver rims. We’ve never had a problem with any wheel built for us by White Bros.; they always prove to be strong and true. Even if you don’t have an extra set of hubs, chancesare that your stock rims are pretty dinged up. If you want to get rid of theFlintstone wheel effect, consider a new set of Excel rims laced up by WhiteBros. See your local Yamaha dealer or visit for the hubs, but for a wheelset contact White Bros. at 714/295-0474, or