As fireworks erupted in the sky, the gates dropped in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the final chapter of the 2013 Monster Energy Supercross Series. As usual, Sam Boyd Stadium played host to the closing round, where the final champions were crowned after the 250 East and West Coast series witnessed two title fights wind down to the final laps of their respective main events. And as always, after the new East and West champions stand atop their thrones, the top 10 riders from each series throw down in a final race to determine which coast is the best coast. Las Vegas never fails to disappoint.

250 East Coast Main Event

Gavin Faith rocketed off the gates to steal the first holeshot of the night in the 15-lap East Coast main event, with Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki's Tyler Bowers close behind. The series points leader Wil Hahn had a decent start and sat in fourth early on, while championship contender Marvin Musquin was two spots behind in sixth. Bowers made quick work of Faith and jumped his way past the leader on lap two. Hahn worked his way up to third with a charging Musquin close behind in fourth, and Rockstar Energy Racing's Blake Wharton was back in fifth. While Bowers began to pull away out front, Hahn and Musquin made their way past Faith for second and third, but Musquin inched closer to the back tire of Hahn. Wharton, who still sat in fifth, made a huge mistake while in pursuit of Faith, and launched a massive air wheelie off the finish double. Wharton somehow stayed on his bike after a hard, flat landing, and caught Faith soon after. Musquin reeled in Hahn on lap 11, and bumped his way past for second place. Bowers, who at one point during the race enjoyed a five second lead, had Musquin's number 25 in his rear view mirror in the final corner before the checkered flag dropped, but Bowers held him off for his first ever Monster Energy Supercross win, and denied Musquin from the championship trophy. Wil Hahn finished in third, winning the East Coast series crown.



1. Tyler Bowers [Kaw]
2. Marvin Musquin [KTM]
3. Wil Hahn [Hon]
4. Blake Wharton [Suz]
5. Gavin Faith [Hon]
6. Vince Friese [Hon]
7. Lance Vincent [KTM]
8. Cole Thompson [Hon]
9. Daniel Herrlein [Hon]

Top Five Lap Times

1. Marvin Musquin 1:06.042
2. Wil Hahn 1:06.837
3. Tyler Bowers 1:06.901
4. Blake Wharton 1:08.264
5. Gavin Faith 1:08.329

Final Championship Point Standings

1. Will Hahn 198
2. Marvin Musquin 195
3. Blake Wharton 171
4. Vince Friese 118
5. Gavin Faith 116
6. Cole Thompson 96
7. Dean Wilson 87
8. Lance Vincent 80
9. Kyle Peters 78
10. AJ Catanzaro 73

250 West Coast Main Event

GEICO Honda's Zach Osborne grabbed the holeshot in the West Coast finale, but gave the lead up to Martin Davalos soon after. Rockstar Energy Racing's Ryan Sipes and Red Bull KTM's Ken Roczen quickly made their way into second and third, while Osborne continued to fade, allowing Kyle Cunningham to sneak by into fourth place. As Davalos strengthened his lead over the field, Roczen moved his way past Sipes for second, with Cunningham and a hard charging Eli Tomac in tow. Tomac made his way by Cunningham on lap seven for third place and set his sights on Roczen, who was only 2 seconds ahead. After setting a blistering pace and throwing down the fastest lap time of the night, Tomac picked off Roczen on lap nine, and then reeled in Davalos to take the lead away on lap 11, wiping out Roczen's five-point championship cushion. Roczen showed urgency, and closed in on an unraveling Davalos, who began making mistake after mistake. On lap 13, Roczen caught Davalos in the rhythm section and tripled his way into second and back into the points lead. GEICO Honda's Eli Tomac won, but Ken Roczen's final pass secured him second place and the 250 West Coast Championship. Davalos finished in third, Kyle Cunningham in fourth, and Ryan Sipes in fifth.



1. Eli Tomac [Hon]
2. Ken Roczen [KTM]
3. Martin Davalos [Kaw]
4. Kyle Cunningham [Yam]
5. Ryan Sipes [Suz]
6. Jason Anderson [Suz]
7. Malcolm Stewart [KTM]
8. Cole Seely [Hon]
9. Tyla Rattray [Kaw]

Top Five Lap Times

1. Eli Tomac 1:04.527
2. Ken Roczen 1:05.649
3. Martin Davalos 1:05.779
4. Jason Anderson 1:06.168
5. Ryan Sipes 1:06.248

Final Championship Point Standings

1. Ken Roczen 185
2. Eli Tomac 183
3. Cole Seely 148
4. Jason Anderson 139
5. Martin Davalos 134
6. Kyle Cunningham 114
7. Zach Osborne 112
8. Tyla Rattray 99
9. Joey Savatgy 98
10. Malcolm Stewart 88

250 LCQ

Topher Ingalls was the fastest to turn one in the six-lap 250 LCQ. Joey Savatgy got off the gate in second and quickly passed Ingalls for the lead. GEICO Honda's Zach Osbourne was in fourth early on, but moved into second before the end of lap three. Savatgy pulled away out front and took the LCQ win, with Osbourne following in second.


1. Joey Savatgy
2. Zach Osborne

250 East/West Shootout

Ken Roczen pulled the holeshot in the East West Shootout, but immediately dropped the position to Marvin Musquin on the first lap. While the two teammates battled back and forth for the lead, a fast Kyle Cunningham followed in third, Wharton in fourth, and Bowers in fifth. Wil Hahn opted out of the shootout, due to the aftermath of a nasty practice crash earlier in the day. Eli Tomac was buried deep in the pack off the start and never made his way inside the top 10. Bowers pushed past Wharton for fourth, running him off the track, but tossed it away himself shortly after. Roczen ran away with the win, Cunningham moved up into second, and Musquin held off an advancing Davalos for third.



1. Ken Roczen
2. Kyle Cunningham
3. Marvin Musquin
4. Martin Davalos
5. Blake Wharton
6. Jason Anderson
7. Ryan Sipes
8. Cole Seely
9. Malcolm Stewart
10. Tyla Rattray
11. Zach Osborne
12. Joey Savatgy
13. Eli Tomac
14. Tyler Bowers
15. Vince Friese
16. Lance Vincent
17. Cole Thompson
18. Daniel Herrlein
19. Gavin Faith
20. Wil Hahn

Top 5 Lap Times

1. Ken Roczen 1:05.693
2. Kyle Cunningham 1:05.999
3. Jason Anderson 1:06.021
4. Marvin Musquin 1:06.253
5. Blake Wharton 1:06.834

450 Supercross

450 Heat One

Monster Energy Kawasaki's Jake Weimer snagged the holeshot in the first 450 heat race, with Red Bull KTM's Ryan Dungey in second, JGR Yamaha's Justin Brayton in third, and BTO Sports/KTM's Andrew Short in fourth. Dungey began pressuring Weimer immediately for the lead, but the Kawasaki rider's wide lines continued to stifle Dungey's advances until lap five, when Dungey finally secured the pass.  Weimer managed to work his way back to the front, but Dungey again made the pass and this time he kept his lead through the checkers.


1. Ryan Dungey [KTM]
2. Jake Weimer [Kaw]
3. Justin Brayton [Yam]
4. Justin Barcia [Hon]
5. Andrew Short [KTM]
6. Brock Tickle [Suz]
7. Chris Blose [Yam]
8. Cody Gilmore [Yam]
9. Tevin Tapia [Suz]

450 Heat Two

Ryan Villopoto was the quickest rider off the gate in head two, with Millsaps right on his rear wheel. Muscle Milk Honda's Trey Canard rode close behind in third, Bobby Kiniry in fourth, and Kyle Partridge in Fifth. The three leaders began to gap the field, while Chad Reed made his way up to fourth after a mediocre start put him back in the pack, but soon lost the position to Weston Peick. Kiniry had a vicious crash in the rhythm section before the whoops, but hopped back up and appeared to be ok and remounted his bike. Villpoto took first, Millsaps second, and Canard third. Peick grabbed fourth, and Reed finished fifth.


1. Ryan Villopoto [Kaw]
2. Davi Millsaps [Suz]
3. Trey Canard [Hon]
4. Weston Peick [Suz]
5. Chad Reed [Hon]
6. Josh Hill [Suz]
7. Kyle Partridge [Hon]
8. Phil Nicoletti [Yam]
9. Kyle Regal [Yam]

450 LCQ

Ronnie Stewart jumped off the starting line in the 450 LCQ to take the early lead, with Daniel Meynet in second. Nicholas Schmidt passed Meynet for second. Stewart made a mistake on the third lap and allowed Schmidt to close in on the leader, and eventually make the pass before the lap was over. Bobby Kiniry passed both riders on the fourth lap. Schmidt appeared to


1. Bobby Kiniry [Yam]
2. Nicolas Schmidt [Hon]

450 Main Event

The number 12 machine of Monster Energy Kawasaki's Jake Weimer was the quickest to the first corner, Reed following in second, Short in third, Villopoto in fourth, and Dungey in Fifth. Villopoto sprinted into the lead before the first lap was over, but almost threw it away soon after in the rhythm section. Red Bull KTM's Ryan Dungey worked his way into second place by lap three. Millsaps, who sat back in sixth, slid past Barcia and Reed for fourth, and then battled with Weimer to advance into third. Villopoto kept Dungey at a safe distance, and Millsaps rode his race far back in third. Despite a few fast laps late in the race, Villopoto lit the candles in the final main event of the year, Dungey crossed the checkers close behind in second, Millsaps in third, Weimer fourth, and Barcia fifth.



1. Ryan Villopoto
2. Ryan Dungey
3. Davi Millsaps
4. Jake Weimer
5. Justin Barcia
6. Chad Reed
7. Weston Peick
8. Justin Brayton
9. Andrew Short
10. Broc Tickle
11. Phil Nicoletti
12. Bobby Kiniry
13. Kyle Regal
14. Josh Hill
15. Chris Blose
16. Cody Gilmore
17. Kyle Partridge
18. Nicholas Schmidt
19. Tevin Tapia
20. Trey Canard

Final Championship Point Standings

1. Ryan Villopoto 371
2. Davi Millsaps 338
3. Ryan Dungey 337
4. Justin Barcia 277
5. Chad Reed 239
6. Trey Canard 221
7. Andrew Short 214
8. Justin Brayton 190
9. Broc Tickle 176
10. James Stewart 174

Top 5 Lap Times

1. Ryan Villopoto 1:04.358
2. Ryan Dungey 1:04.569
3. Davi Millsaps 1:05.457
4. Justin Barcia 1:05.762
5. Jake Weimer 1:06.080