Hammerhead Designs awarded US Patent for Adjustable Shift Lever

On October 9, 2007, Hammerhead Designs Inc. was awarded US Patent #7,278,336 for an Adjustable Shift Lever.

An adjustable gearshift pedal lever for motorcycles and the like designed for attachment to a shift arm. The lever may be designed in a variety of offset lengths that allow for an increase or decrease between the lever and the motorcycle footpeg. In addition, the lever may be raised or lowered vertically by the use of shims selectively placed between the shift arm and the gearshift pedal lever.

“We are very pleased to finally have this published, said John Clark, Hammerhead Owner and Inventor of the Adjustable Shifter. “It has taken many years and could not have come at a better time. There are countless unscrupulous overseas manufacturers who will take anyone’s product and copy it. Fortunately most US Dealers and Distributors are respectful of American products, particularly those that are patented, and stay away from the junk out there. I think our Industry is unique in that we are all passionate about our sport and extremely patriotic and supportive of our Country and our fellow Americans. Made in the USA still means a lot to us all.

Hammerhead Designs is a high-end manufacturer of Innovative motorcycle parts and accessories that can be seen at www.HDmoto.com.