Hangtown Coverage: Tortelli on Top

Round 2 of the AMA Chevy Trucks U.S. Motocross Championships at Hangtown was once again a nail-biter, as moto wins were split for the second week in a row and a new points leader emerged.

The first moto saw David Vuillemin and Ryan Hughes scrapping out front, while crowd favorite Ricky Carmichael was stuck with a horrible start after a major mishap.

“I don’t know what the deal was, but somehow I ended up in first gear when the gate dropped. Combine that with a stupid mistake in a turn, and I had a pretty lousy moto. I need to get back my consistency, because I know I have the speed to win the title, but if I keep making mistakes like I did in the first moto it’s going to be a long series,” said Carmichael.

The rest of the moto just seemed to go Tortelli’s way, as he chased down Vuillemin with LaRocco in tow. Vuillemin held on for third, while Kevin Windham charged his way to fourth.

When the gate dropped for the second moto, it was all Ferry. “I’m really getting used to my YZ426F,” said Red Dog. “I now feel that I have a real advantage on other bikes when I line up on the gate. I’m no longer scared of the bike and I’m ready to start winning.”

It didn’t take long for Suzuki rider Kevin Windham to overtake Ferry for the lead early on, though, putting him in contention for the overall win, but K-Dub simply had nothing to offer RC and Ferry after a few laps of racing. The two started riding together at an amzing pace that no one else on the long and hilly circuit could match. Carmichael nabbed the lead by the seventh lap and never looked back, while Ferry held on for second. Tortelli eventually caught Windham for third, securing his overall victory thanks to RC and Ferry’s dismal first moto showings. Larocco pulled a fifth in the moto, giving him a solid third place overall finish for the day.

In the 125cc class, Grant Langston proved once again that he is for real by cleaning up both motos for the second week in a row. Langston, who remains undefeated in his first year of Nationals, avoided a nasty second turn pileup that claimed several riders in moto one, including series favorite Travis Pastrana and Mike Brown.

The ride of the weekend came from Pro Circuit/ Kawasaki rookie Bobby Bonds, who surprised everyone by nailing down a solid second-place finish in the first moto. Things weren’t as good for Bonds in the second moto, though, as he tangled with Langston at the bottom of a downhill.

“I could tell that he was tired, because he started making mistakes everywhere. He was brake checking me, just looking for any way to stay in the lead. After a long downhill, we hit a tabletop and touched when we landed. He was so tired that he just couldn’t hold on anymore and went down. He was going really good for a while, though!” said Langston.

Defending Champ Travis Pastrana had another bad weekend due to poor starts, namely the pileup he hit in the first turn. Look for Travis to start shining when he goes back to his home tracks on the East Coast.

250cc Class Results:
1. Sebastien Tortelli, Honda: 1-3
2. Ricky Carmichael, Kawasaki: 5-1
3. Mike LaRocco, Honda: 2-5
4. Kevin Windham, Suzuki: 4-4
5. David Vuillemin, Yamaha: 3-6

125cc Class Results:
1. Grant Langston, KTM: 1-1
2. Travis Pastrana, Suzuki: 9-2
3. Rodrig Thain, Suzuki: 4-9
4. Kelly Smith, KTM: 5-8
5. Brock Sellards, KTM: 14-3