Hangtown’s Ernesto Fonseca Auction Is In The Books; Ernie Receives A Check For Nearly 15 Grand This Past Weekend From Dirt Diggers North Motorcycle Club

PRAIRIE CITY, Calif., (July 26, 2006) — The Dirt Diggers North Motorcycle Club (DDNMC), producers and promoters of the annual Hangtown Classic, announced today the final tally from the Ernesto Fonseca Benefit Auction held at the Hangtown opener and via Ebay during the last month.

All said, Hangtown’s Fonseca Benefit — coordinated by DDDNMC member David Harvey — brought in $14,796.90 through the generous donations and efforts of the following list of athletes (including Ernie himself), industry dignitaries and companies:

Ernesto Fonseca helmet/pants/boots: $1800

RC jersey/pants: $1725

RC Berik boots $1130

James Stewart pants/jersey $995

DDNMC signed jersey $710

Chad Reed pants/jersey $677

Fonseca jersey/pants $610

Yoshimura exhaust $610

Brian Deegan pants/jersey $455

Chad Reed pants jersey (2nd set) $440.50

Chad Reed Tech 10’s $350

Davi Milsaps pants/jersey $308.77

Paul Buckley RC print $306

Andrew Short pants/jersey $305

Steve Caballero board $270

Racer X Stewart banner $227.50

Note: The net proceeds from the Ebay auction were $11,376.90. The auction at Hangtown following the race netted nearly $1,000 and the Fonseca wristbands sold at Hangtown brought in $2550. These, along with some miscellaneous donations brought the total to nearly $15,000!

“I got this auction going on a wing and a prayer, and thankfully everyone stepped up and made it happen, said Harvey, Assistant Director of Hangtown. “Although I started the auction, it was the fans and Ernesto’s friends that made it happen. Even though it’s not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things, I think it sends a clear message to Ernesto that nobody is going to forget him. And we know that he will use all of his determination and dedication to overcome his injuries. The Dirt Diggers are behind Ernesto 100-percent.

Harvey and the DDNMC also thanked the following persons: Tony Gardea, Richard Basinger of Yoshimura, Linda Ardehali of Live Nation, Chuck Sun, Paul Buckley, Erik Kehoe, the DDNMC and all the riders who donated gear and product — Ricky Carmichael, Chad Reed, James Stewart, Kevin Windham, Brian Deegan, Davi Millsaps, Mike Alessi, Travis Preston, Andrew Short and skateboard icon Steve Caballero

The 38th annual Honda Hangtown Classic, presented by Off-Road Outlets and Dan Game RV, was a resounding success. For more information on the 39th annual Honda Hangtown Classic and additional upcoming events at Prairie City SVRA Park check out Hangtown’s website at www.hangtownmx.com or contact HPPR’s Pat Schutte at (734) 369-2170 and pat@highprofilepr.com.