Hannah / Decoster / Rick Johnson / Bailey / Bevo / Jake Weimer on DMXS Tonight

Here is a question to ponder. Who will be the true underdog going into Anaheim 1? It is just a bit too much of an oxymoron for me to buy into the underdog-favorite, but it seems that no one wants to wear Superman¿s cape as favorite this year. It appears that after the US Open with Chad Reed and Bubba sidelined, RC was the favorite, but that did not last long. The tide turned on RC again and the fans were quick to hand the dual Championship to the heir apparent. There was even a thread on Motonews that outlined a bet that Bubba would run the table with a perfect SX season with little regard for RC, Reed or anyone else for that matter. Hmmmm. There is no doubt that James has found the speed, consistency, and maturity that eluded him thus far and he is ready for the fight. James just does not just ride a track, he consumes it, but his greatest asset this year will be his focus and will have his sights on the championship and not a winning streak. Chad Reed has traveled half way around the world to find his place in this sport and he will not go quietly into that good night and he will win some races. David Bailey said it best last year, ¿Chad will find a way to beat RC, or die trying!¿ He won Daytona the very next day. And for those that have written RC off, I will tell you something his competitors already know. Whatever your solution to the RC puzzle is, whether defined by infinitely harder trainer or mental toughness, RC will take it, and in one instant, burn it before your very eyes. There will be no sweep this year.

Roger Decoster is busy preparing his Makita Suzuki team but will find a few precious moments in his hectic schedule for us tonight. After his profile on the MX Files, a new generation of fans is beginning to understand what we have already known, he is The Man. David Bailey is on the point for the WBR Suzuki team, and his young gun Ryan Sipes showed the benefits of having the former champ in his corner with the impressive ride in Canada. We will get a Cali update from the Icon going into A1. Rick Johnson has been a very Bad Boy, but he planned it that way. His brief but spectacular career was chronicled on the MX Files as well, and we will go over all the stuff that hit the editing room floor. There are only a few constants in the universe and Bevo¿s smile is one of them. We had to include him on our old school show, well mostly, just because he is old, but a hell of a guy as well. Bob ¿Hurricane¿ Hannah is still stirring crap up after all these years and he would not have it any other way. The MX Files series wrapped up with one of the most beloved and controversial figures in our sports history. We always smack the hornets¿ nest once or twice a year and we thought it was a great way to start off 2006. Sobe / Samsung / Honda rider Jake Weimer (Why-mer) not (Wee-mer), turned a few heads in Canada. Mike Larocco has been training Jake with boot camp like workouts 4-5 days a week. Jake is a DMXS virgin, but we will be gentle tonight.

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