Hannah/Langston/Pingree/Cox/WWR Tonight On DMXS

It is hurricane season and you know what that means. It’s time to roll out the baddest ass storm to ever churn up the sport of motocross then and now… Bob “Hurricane” Hannah. We have Bob on every few months to rear his head and give his take on the current crop of riders and the sport in general. Bob, and his lovely better half Terri, was on hand at Hangtown this year to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his win there and had the opportunity to see some old friends and make some new ones. It’s always a pleasure to have The Hurricane on even though he’s tough on us too, but we put plywood on the windows and have the “beep” button ready this time!

Grant Langston was having a great year after wrapping up the West Coast SX title but an unfortunate crash during the media day photo shoot at Las Vegas had his hopes of an outdoor title slipping away. Grant has nutted up plenty of times and raced while in pain, but another hard crash has the Zulu Warrior sidelined yet again. It would have been ideal to bookend the season with another title before moving up to the 450 next year, but the resurrection of his career is reward enough. Grant has pulled off one hell of a comeback story after deciding to drop back down and ride for Mitch at Pro-Circuit. We will catch up with our good friend from his new home in Florida tonight and just maybe he will slip and confirm his ride for next year.

Steve “MXWord Nerd” Cox has been awfully quiet lately and that usually means he is up to something. It turns out Steve has been hard at work fulfilling a dream and starting up a new MX magazine which is a just a fancy way of saying he wants to be his own boss. Steve never does anything half-ass and we look forward to hearing the details of his latest creation. Scott Rousseau is a partner in this venture and they both will join us tonight with the latest details and when the mag will be in print.

Dr. Steve Augustine is a familiar name in our sport and being a Board Certified Orthopaedic surgeon makes for an easy connection. Dr. Augustine is also President of the nonprofit ASMF, or Action Sports Medicine Foundation. Their mission is to enhance the quality and availability of sports medicine to athletes participating in action sports, specifically motocross. The Doc wants to provide the same on-site mobile medical unit we see at SX and MX at every amateur national. We can all agree that the Asterisk Mobile Medical unit is a vital part of our sport and the ASMF wants to bring that same level of care to amateur racing as well. They are currently looking for industry and corporate sponsors to make this a reality. Steve will join us tonight to shed some more light on this important project. Those of you that don’t know Scott will remember his famous Grandfather and oceanographer, Jacque.

WWR welcomes on the popular Barry Carsten tonight as the Most Improved Privateer from last week. Barry truly represents everything good about our sport and continues to garner the love and respect of our industry. Also, Darrell Saldana from Team SoCal will be on to talk about new safety technologies that might be applied to our sport. Specifically air bag protective vests that are currently available for street use.


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