Hard Cast’s Off/Pin’s Out & Yamaha’s Ferry is Fast On-The-Mend!

Yamaha factory rider, injured defending the country in the Motocross Des Nations and at Round 2 of supercross, looking to opening round of Nationals for first race back

ANAHEIM, Calif., (April 1, 2004) ¿ Team Yamaha¿s Tim ¿Red Dog¿ Ferry¿s road to recovery looks to be good as he got a positive first stage prognosis after having a pin removed from the thumb he injured last fall in the Motocross Des Nations and is excited to get the other pin removed from his wrist so he can get back to riding prior to the start of the Outdoor Nationals (May 16th).

¿I¿m out of my hard cast and into a removable cast that allows me much more mobility in my wrist and fingers,¿ said Ferry. ¿I go back to the doctor on April 8th to get my other pin removed, so it looks like I¿ll have five to six weeks to train before the Nationals, which should be plenty of time to get ready.¿

Ferry, who will be in attendance in Pontiac, Mich., this weekend for Round 13 of the THQ/AMA Supercross Series festivities and will be a featured guest on Clear Channel Entertainment¿s webcast of the race (SX Live), is excited to get back involved with the sport.

¿I¿ve been doing quite a bit of stationary training (bike, a bit at the gym), but I really missed being around the Yamaha team and the people involved with the series,¿ said Ferry. ¿Also, I trained enough during the off-season that I¿m still in real good shape. So now it¿s just a matter of getting my wrist healed then getting back on the bike in time for Hangtown.¿

In addition, during his down time Ferry will travel to Cincinnati to have Lasik surgery to repair his not-so-perfect vision.

¿I should be wearing glasses,¿ said Ferry. ¿But I¿ve talked to a bunch of people who had it done and said it was way worth it. So hopefully I¿ll be able to go a little bit faster.¿