Hart Hurt Again!

Poor Carey Hart. Almost six months after his last backflip attempt at the summer X Games, where he wound up in the hospital with several broken bones, Hart is hurt again. Last Monday was Carey’s first time back jumping. Hart was shooting photos with us for his upcoming interview in the magazine version of TransWorld Motocross when he decided to take us to a natural-terrain style gap that he had jumped previously.

Carey had barely warmed his bike up before he decided to hit the monstrous step-down. Unfortunately, a small bump at the top of the jump scrubbed some of Carey’s speed, pitching him up and not out. Carey shorted the road, some 40 feet below the takeoff, and was pitched violently off of his Plano Honda CR250.

Upon first inspection, Carey looked to be pretty bad off. His thumb was hanging out of socket and he had blood dripping down his face and leg. Unbelievably, though, Carey didn’t want an ambulance or even a ride to the hospital. He walked to the truck and we brought him to his house to make an appointment with his specialist.

A call to Carey later revealed the total of his injury. Hart has rebroken his tailbone, broken his ankle, broken a bone in his wrist, and required surgery on the severly torn tendons in his thumb.

The only saving grace for Carey? We caught his sequence on film, and it will appear in his interview in an upcoming TWMX. Watch the stands!