Hats Off Emergency Helmet Removal Device Protects the INDY 500 drivers

The same device that the AMA mandates to protect the heads of James Stewart, Ricky Carmichael and every AMA Professional Supercross and Outdoor National Motocross Racer is also the same device that will be protecting every driver in this Memorial Day weekend’s 91st running of the INDY 500.

The Hats Off device is mandated by the Indy Racing League to protect the heads of Tony Kanaan, Danica Patrick and every single INDY 500 IRL driver on the starting grid. For the last few years the Hats Off device has been mandatory with the IRL for every race event they have, not just the INDY 500.

“Things have been really busy for us at Hats Off . We have been working closely with Fire Department Crews, Paramedics and EMT service companies to get the device in the hands of the emergency professionals that attend to injured riders. We will continue these efforts until every rescue personnel is aware of this device, how to use it and has the tools they need. We are currrently low on product and expect our newest shipments within the next month, we’ve really blown through the devices and EMT Kits and that’s a good thing, people are becoming aware of the device. We have a goal of protecting the riders at every level, not just the pros, we want to see every amateur rider using the device as well, at $45 bucks, it’s cheap insurance and just might save your neck, says Kirk Williams of Hats Off USA.

To learn more about the Hats Off Emergency Helmet Removal Device please feel free to visit our web site at www.hatsoffusa.com or give us a call or email any time.

Hats Off wishes all the drivers in this year’s INDY 500 a safe and challenging race. You all have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

Mandatory with the AMA – American Motorcyclist Association and added to the AMA Rule Book for 2007. Worn by every AMA Pro in SX and MX for 2007. Mandatory with the IRL- Indy Racing League. Approved by the FiA – F1 Formula One Advisory Expert Group in London. Approved by the SNELL Memorial Foundation.

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