Hearing Date Set IN AMA Pro Racing Case

Paradama Productions, Inc., d/b/a AMA Pro Racing, announced today that a hearing date has been set in federal district court for its case against Clear Channel Motorsports.

The hearing, scheduled for December 17, will consider AMA Pro Racing’s requestfor an injunction, pending arbitration, to enforce the Supercross SanctioningAgreement signed by both parties in March. In order for Federal District CourtJudge James L. Graham to grant an injunction, he will have to consider thelikelihood of success based on the merits of AMA Pro Racing’s case.

“We’re confident in our case and look forward to obtaining an injunction incourt,” said Scott Hollingsworth, CEO of AMA Pro Racing. “From commentsrecently made by Clear Channel Motorsports, it’s obvious to me that they are infavor of allowing the FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) into theAMA Supercross Series in the role of a sanctioning body. Not only would thisviolate our agreement, it is not in the best interests of the series. One onlyneed look at the recent debacle of the Motocross of Nations to see what thatcould lead to.”

Clear Channel Motorsports issued a statement last week indicating that the casewas between AMA Pro Racing and the FIM, and did not involve Clear Channel.”That is incorrect,” said Hollingsworth. “This case absolutely involves ClearChannel. Our contract with Clear Channel Motorsports recognizes AMA ProRacing’s exclusive sanctioning rights to the series.”

When AMA Pro Racing objected to the FIM, it threatened the AMA with expulsion,even though neither the FIM nor the AMA are parties to AMA Pro Racing’s contractwith Clear Channel.

“After our extraordinarily successful management of the AMA Supercross Seriesfor 29 consecutive years, we will not accept being summarily edged aside,”Hollingsworth added. “The behavior of Clear Channel is unacceptable, and weare asking the court to force the company to uphold its contractualresponsibilities.”