Hepler to Endorse UPMC Sports Medicine

Professional motocross/supercross athlete¿s groundbreaking endorsement deal is mainstream sports medicine¿s first foray into action sports

Murrieta, Calif., (February 2, 2005) ¿  Traction Enterprises is pleased to announce a groundbreaking deal that marks traditional sports medicine¿s first venture into the action sports arena.  Professional motocross/supercross athlete Broc Hepler will endorse UPMC Sports Medicine for the 2005 season. 

¿I¿m very happy to be working with UPMC Sports Medicine.  It¿s good to see them stepping things up and getting more involved with the sport.  I know Traction has worked very hard building this relationship and closing this deal.  Thanks to Traction, I¿ve been working with the people at UPMC Sports Medicine for the last two years.  UPMC¿s medical expertise has meant a lot to my program,¿ said Hepler.

Hepler added, ¿Motocross racers are no different from athletes in other sports.  We want the best care and we want health care professionals to treat us with respect and not tell us to quit doing the sport we enjoy.   UPMC Sports Medicine¿s expertise has worked wonders for my program, and I know they can help other motocross riders too.  If they can take care of guys like Ben Roethlisberger and Jerome Bettis, they¿re good enough for me.¿ 

Hepler, an 18-year-old professional motocross/supercross phenom is competing on the THQ/AMA Supercross and AMA Motocross circuits for the second year.  The Kittanning, Pennsylvania resident is a 125cc star on Team Makita Suzuki who finished second in both supercross and motocross in his first year of competition, earning him 2004 AMA Rookie of the Year honors.  More recently, Hepler logged his first professional supercross win at Bank One Ballpark in Phoenix. 

Based in Pittsburgh, UPMC Sports Medicine is the official sports medicine provider of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Panthers.  In 2002, UPMC Sports Medicine conducted a study on the fitness requirements of both professional and recreational motocross athletes.  The study has provided sports medicine professionals with a foundation for understanding the physical requirements of motocross.

Per the terms of the endorsement deal, Hepler will display the UPMC Sports Medicine logo at all 20 races and make multiple public appearances.  Activation activities for the deal will include motocross fitness clinics, a sports medicine service referral program and the release of a motocross-specific training DVD prominently featuring Hepler.  Hepler will also be integrated into UPMC Sports Medicine¿s marketing materials and website. 

Murrieta, California based Traction Enterprises will manage all activation activities for the deal. 

Brian Hagen, P.T., the Center’s program administrator and facility director for physical therapy and rehabilitation said, ¿We¿re thrilled to be working with Broc and the motocross community.  When Traction Enterprises initially approached us about working with their clients, we were intrigued by idea of working with motocross athletes.  Traction presented compelling market research to us on the lifestyle demographics of motocross participants as well as the prevalence of injuries in the sport.  They made a great case for our involvement and we were eager to sign on.  Action sports are a part of mainstream America and sports like motocross are legitimate athletic endeavors.  People who participate in motocross deserve the same high standard of care that we give to athletes involved in traditional sports like football and baseball.¿ 

¿We believe that we can provide significant sport-specific expertise to professional and recreational motocross athletes and Broc is the perfect vehicle to market our services to that audience,¿ said Hagen.  

The UPMC Center for Sports Medicine, located within the UPMC Sports Performance Complex on Pittsburgh¿s South Side, employs the region¿s largest staff of certified athletic trainers, physical therapists and physicians who attend to the daily sports medicine needs of athletes at 42 local high schools, 10 local colleges, the Pittsburgh Panthers, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Pittsburgh Penguins, as well as professional dancers in the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. In addition to professional, elite, scholastic and amateur athletes, the center¿s staff also treats many non-athletes who have musculoskeletal injuries related to physical activity.  For more information,, log on to The UPMC Center for Sports Medicine¿s website at www.sportsmedicine.upmc.com. 

For more information on Broc Hepler, log on to his website at www.brochepler.com

Traction Enterprises is a sports marketing agency, offering marketing, public relations and market research services to motorsports athletes and companies involved in motorsports.  For more information, contact Denise Conroy-Galley at 951-461-8935/412-585-5536 or at tractionent@comcast.net.