Hinson YZ250F Clutch Components

HINSON YZ250F CLUTCH COMPONENTSAPPLICATION: 2001 Yamaha YZ250FPRICE: $225.00 (basket); $285.00 (inner hub); $175.00 (pressure plate)RATING: 10

We’re big fans of the Yamaha YZ250F, but one thing that bothered us about our test bike was the “vague” feeling it had at the clutch lever. When clutching it under power, the lever would surge and produce a strange feeling that we often mistook for worn clutch plates.

Hinson Racing has been building high performance clutch components for over eight years now. Their philosophy is that modern-day motocross bikes are producing more power than ever, yet the clutch components have remained relatively the same. Think about it: power is fed to the rear wheel through the clutch, and every bump absorbed by the rear wheel is also transferred back to the clutch.

Hinson clutch components are CNC machined from aircraftquality T-6 aluminum, then Akadized for extra strength and reliability.

The difference in clutch action and feel between the stock parts and the Hinson Racing components was staggering. Gone was the surging sensation at the lever, and in its place was a predictable, positive feel. There’s no doubt that the components are better putting the power to the ground, and starts are far more precise as well. In stock condition, doing practice starts on the YZ250F would leave the clutch heated up and faded after only a couple runs. The Hinson parts handle the abuse much better, and we’ve noticed a significant improvement in our race starts as well.

At nearly $700.00 for the complete setup, the upgrade isn’t cheap, but if you’re serious about the performance of your “F”, the Hinson parts are as important as an aftermarket pipe or a suspension revalve. Call 909/946-2942, or visit www.hinsonracing.com