HLTN Co. – Union Hat ($28.00) | SPY Optic – Discord Sunglasses ($109.95)

HLTN Co. | Pack A Bag

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The start of the race season means it’s time for us to hit the road again and a huge portion of the year in some state of globe trotting travel (Anton alone spent roughly two months of 2014 in hotel rooms, rental cars, and airplanes). While we love seeing new places and watching the best in the sport in action, we detest the loads of laundry that require cleaning at the end each trip. Luckily the crew at HLTN Co. sent a box of goods our way just before the start of 2015, so instead of watching the dryer, we will pop tags off tees and hats for weeks to come. And yeah, this is exactly how we pack for a weekend at the races, wrinkles on the clothes included.

Grab some goods of your own at hltnco.com


HLTN Co. – Corpo Beanie ($24.00), Super Pocket Shirt ($30.00) | GoPro – HERO4 Camera ($499.99) | Surface Sun Systems – Rhythm SPF50 Lip Balm ($3.50) | FMF Racing – Debossed Wallet ($22.50)

We could honestly get by with these essentials if necessary, and it helps to color-coordinate the clothes with the money and AMEX card. Don’t leave home without them.


HLTN. Co – Hollis Hat ($30.00), Filth Hat ($30.00), Corpo Beanie ($24.00), Run Wild Beanie ($24.00) | OGIO – Layover Bag ($159.00) | Herschel Supply Co. – Little America Backpack ($89.99) | Think Tank – Airport International Rolling Bag ($389.75)

Sometimes we’re loaded down like pack mules in the airport, but at least our hats and bags look good…

HLTN Co. – Bondi Hat ($26.00), Established Hat ($26.00), Hollis Hat ($26.00), Yes Beanie ($24.00)

End bed head.

HLTN Co. – Bondi Shirt ($30.00), Established Hat ($26.00), | Apple – MacBook Pro 15″ ($1999) | Canon – EOS 1D Mark III Camera, EF 70-200mm Lens

You’d be surprised how much time we spend with our eyes locked on our computers or cameras. Seriously, it’s hours a day.

HLTN Co. – Rebels Shirt ($26.00), Filth Hat ($30.00)

It’s hard to beat a black shirt and dark hat.

HLTN Co. – Frosty Shirt ($26.00), Bondi Hat ($26.00)

We’d love to grab a drink with friends after the races but with a ton of content to create, there simply is no time. This cartoon is as close as we come to a beer on Saturday nights.

HLTN Co. – Yes Shirt ($26.00)Run Wild Beanie ($24.00)

Travel tip: get wrinkles out of a shirt by hanging it nearby when taking a hot shower. The steam will smooth some of the creases.