Have you started pulling boxes decorations out of the attic yet? Does your house smell like cookies? Is there a big ass Fraiser Fur (real or fake) parked in front of the window? If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, it’s obvious that the holiday season runs strong in your house. Now, really get into the spirit and make sure these goods from Alpinestars get under that fire hazard in the living room.

UNDER $25.00

Alpinestars TechSTAR Coolmax Socks
Price: $19.95
Color: Grey
Sizes: Small/Medium, Large/Extra-Large

As a child, there was no greater disappointment than receiving a pair of socks as a present, not even the eventually “truth about how the presents got there” talk. Years later, we still tear through wrapping paper and are left to find a bundle of socks in our hands. If they were Alpinestars TechSTAR Coolmax socks, there would be no letdown. Alas, they are just standard white Jockeys or if someone decided to splurge, Gold Toes.

UNDER $50.00

Alpinestars Hogan Long Sleeve Woven
Price: $49.95
Color: Red (shown), Blue
Size: Small – Extra,Extra Large

The button-ups from Astars are a favorite around the office. The soft and well-cut fabric makes us want to dress like adults every now and then, and with a massive catalog to choose from, we can get a shirt for any occasion. Best part: you can run something from Alpinestars that is different than what every other PacSun shopper has.

UNDER $150.00

Alpinestars Destination Roller Carry-On Bag
Price: $149.95
Color: Black/Red
Size: One Size

We have to believe that Alpinestars knows how to construct a durable piece of luggage. With athletes that travel around the globe, they would find out what it takes to survive the “loving care” an airline luggage handler gives every bag that comes their way. Sizes range from the standard backpack to the rolling closet, but we’d stick with the simple carry-on option.

UNDER $300.00

Alpinestars By Denise Focil NYC At Midnight Dress
Price: $248.00
Color: Black/Grey
Size: Extra Small – Large

Before you say anything argumentative about a dress that costs two-hundred and fifty bucks, remember that there is probably a motorcycle in your garage that you needed a few grand to buy. And then spent the other $200 for a pants and jersey, $400 for a helmet, ect. She should get nice things like the designer goods in the Alpinestars/Denise Focil collection. And ladies, if he doesn’t buy it for you, we will. (Only hotties need apply)


Aplinestars Tech 10 Boots
Price: $579.95
Colors: White (shown), Black, Red, Blue, Green
Size: 7-14

So, you got her the dress and had to take her to dinner some place nice so she could show it off. Those two things probably equaled the money needed for a fresh pair of Tech 10’s. But hopefully, she got to looking at the Alpinestars web site, saw these boots, and thought you needed them. If things go right, you’ll be getting these and something else.