Holiday Gift Guide – Pro Circuit

Today is considered “Cyber Monday” in the retail world, as online retailers slash prices on everything they can to hopefully push Quarter Four figures into the black. No matter what kind of deals you or your significant other get on DVDs, the truth is that the rider in your life wants moto goods, regardless of if they were on sale or not. Need an idea of what to get or give? Here are five things from Pro Circuit that should wind up under the tree, menorah, or Festivus pole.

UNDER $25.00

Pro Circuit “Original Logo” Tee
Price: $21.95
Color: White
Sizes: Medium – Extra, Extra Large

While some prefer  massive attention grabbing graphics on T’s, we would rather go with something simple and classic. The “Original Logo” shirt will let everyone know that you get your goods at the same place the best go to get better, without looking like a Crayola catastrophe.

 UNDER $50.00

Pro Circuit Hour and Tach Meter
Price: $44.95
Applications: All Bikes

We know way too many people who guess the number of hours on their bike or that have elapsed between standard service, and they are often times wrong. Why anyone would rather play Russian Roulette with their bike than invest in an Hour Meter like the one from PC is beyond us, but to each their own.

 UNDER $150.00

Pro Circuit Launch Control
Price: $109.95
Applications: All Recent Models From Five Major OEMS (Check website for details)

Tired of going frontend high out of the gate, or worse, being the one who has to claim the guy dragging his rear fender down the straightaway as yours? Get a Launch Control on the forks of the bike and watch the holeshot checks come in. Available for all full-size and numerous mini bikes, the system from Pro Circuit is as idiot proof as it looks.

UNDER $300.00

Pro Circuit Titanium Footpegs
Price: $239.95
Applications: Most Recent Model Year Bikes (Check website for details)

Titanium Flow-Through footpegs can be seen as more of a chi-chi than performance item, but anyone who has ridden with small, mud filled pegs will put up a counter argument. The light units give feet and ankles a wider platform to absorb impact on, while the massive cuts in the base keep debris from packing in. Can’t go fast with your feet dangling behind you, right?


Pro Circuit Ti-5 Exhaust System
Price: Starting at $999.95
Applications : All Current Four-Stroke Race Bikes

Didn’t think we would make a gift guide about Pro Circuit and not include a pipe, did you? Exhausts are Mitch and Co.’s most well-known and best selling products, thanks to years of research and development. There is no questioning the performance that comes out of a fire-breathing bike, and the sound isn’t bad either.