Holiday Gift Guide – SCOTT Sports

No one knows winter better than SCOTT Sports. The Sun Valley, Idaho, based company began by making ski poles in 1958, then came to motocross in 1970, produced their first bike in 1986, and dived into the the running shoe market in 2006. In those 50 or so years, they have become a worldwide leader in outdoor sporting equipment, yet have never dropped moto from their product line. You are sure to find something from SCOTT for anyone on your list.

UNDER $25.00

SCOTT Hurricane Grips
Price: $7.99
Colors: Black (shown), Grey, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
Size: One Size Fits All

Surprisingly, many people do not realize SCOTT makes grips, or that they hold a massive percentage of the entire market. Are you one of the uninformed? Pick up the classic Hurricane Grips and find out why they haven’t changed since Bob Hannah helped create them.

UNDER $50.00

SCOTT Recoil Goggles
Price: $49.95
Colors: 11 colors (Tangent Blue/Orange shown)
Size: One Size Fits All

You can never have enough goggles. They protect the only two eyes you’ll ever have and if you pick the right color, will look damn cool while doing so. With triple-layer foam, durable construction, and numerous len styles, you can’t go wrong with the Recoils.

UNDER $150.00

SCOTT Duffle Bag
Price: $120.00
Color: Black

This is more than just your regular duffle bag; this one has wheels. It can store up to 130 liters in the countless compartments which serve as padded areas for your boots, gear, and helmet. Our only hang up with it is that math geniuses at SCOTT used liters as the method of measurement, and not our personal standard of  “a bunch a stuff can fit in here before it won’t zip anymore.”

UNDER $300.00

SCOTT 450 Tangent Riding Gear
Price: $265.00
Colors: Blue/Orange, Blue/Green, Red/Yellow
Sizes: Jersey/Gloves: Small – Extra Large | Pants: 28″ – 38″

For years we saw European FMXer Mat Rebeaud running SCOTT gear, but could never find it stateside. Fast forward to 2012 and the stuff  is everywhere. From the guys on the Star Yamaha team to our test rider Cole King, we can’t hit the track without seeing someone covered head to toe in the stylish threads. Our favorite is the Tanget, which not so coincidentally match the Recoil goggles.


SCOTT CR-1 Team Road Bike
Price: $2469.00
Color: Black
Sizes: Extra,Extra Small – Extra, Extra Large (See local shop for accurate sizing)

When you need to shed the extra ell-bees that helped keep you warm all winter, there is no better workout than road biking. Sure, you can bike up a NEXT from the local WalMart, but why? If it is something you will do often (and trust us, you will), it should be done on quality equipment that is assembled by a pro and not a lazy stock boy.