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With the new 2009 models showing up, it's just about time to get those things barking, and so I am keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that I will find a new full RS-2 carbon exhaust from Yoshimura under my tree this year. With tons of research and development and quality construction, the Yosh exhaust systems are some of the best on the planet. The carbon wrap adds durability without sacrificing weight, while the header pipe and can allow my four-stroke to bark like it's supposed to.
Call 909/628-4722 or visit www.yoshimura-rd.com



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Every one of us loses hardware, whether it's while performing routine maintenance, or while pounding out a ton of laps at the track. I know there's more than a few missing bolts and washers missing from my bike, so I am asking for a hardware kit from Motomac. The small take-anywhere 54-piece dirt bike kit contains OEM bolts, nuts, and flat washers to replace that missing or stripped hardware. It even includes a one-gram tube of LiteLock™ locking compound to keep your screws tight.
Call 408/286-3030 or visit www.motomac.com



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If you're a regular reader of TransWorld Motocross then you already know what proponents of high quality helmets we are, so it goes without saying that I was pumped when I got my first look at the newest lid from Shoei. Based off of the company's previous VFX-R helmet, the new VFX-W has numerous new enhancements that help to improve the overall fit, function, and protection of arguably one of the best helmets on the market. Inside, like other Shoei helmets, the VFX-W has an incredibly comfortable liner, but unlike its predecessor, this new helmet features an emergency quick release system that allows the liner to be removed easily in the event of a crash. On the outside, a radical new shell design helps to boost the curb appeal of the helmet, but the biggest most noteworthy feature is a dual density two-piece EPS liner that offers even better protection than other high-quality Shoei lids. For me, slipping on this new Shoei gives me just a little more piece of mind while pounding out laps—not to mention an added boost of confidence. If you're looking to keep your favorite motohead on your Christmas list safer while they're riding, consider plunking down a little extra dough on one of these babies—they'll probably love you forever.
Call 714/730-0941 or visit www.shoei.com



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What good is a bike if you can't control it? And to me a fast bike is no good if you can't hold on. Granted, bars don't usually help to keep your grip strong, but in my experience, a good pair of quality bars does help to make riding just that much more comfortable, and for me these EXP bars do just that. As the originator of the oversized tapered bars, Easton knows what they are doing when it comes to handbars. At 35mm in the center, the EXP is the largest tapered bar and is actually sold as a complete package with the larger clamps that are designed to work together with the bars to both dampen hits and give you a more positive feel. For me, I know that when shootout season is done, one of the first things I'm going to slap on my bike are some shiny new EXP bars. And if there's a motohead in need of some high quality bars that will no doubt last forever, pick up the phone and order these.
Call 800/456-2355 or visit www.eastonexp.com



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Nowadays I don't race much. I prefer to just have fun and not worry about having to ride as fast as I can, but every once in a while the numbers on my bike are more than just decoration. On those occasions, I need to be identified to all my endearing fans, and what better way than slapping a set of trick-looking Factory Backing custom backgrounds complete with my good old number 77. Available for most modern bikes, the turn around time on getting your own set is usually pretty quick, and once you have them, you're sure to up the look of your bike exponentially. If you don't want that special someone of yours looking like a squid out on the track with crooked, mismatched numbers, be sure to look into a set of backgrounds from Factory Backing. Looking fast is half the battle, and with some clean cool looking custom backgrounds like this on your bike, you'll be just that much closer to the factory look.
Call 888/298-7448 or visit www.factorybacking.com



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Growing up, I used to go through shoes pretty quickly. Between BMX, skateboarding, and the other activities that I used to partake in, in no time a new pair of kicks would smell worse and look worse than a rugby player's cleats after the final game of the season. Now as I've grown older, though, I try my best to keep my shoes looking good. I mean, don't the girls say you can tell a lot about a person's shoes? With these fancy new TK shoes from DVS, everyone is going to know that I dress to impress everywhere I go. Whether I'm at the track, dinner, or my favorite local watering hole, I can tread with confidence, knowing that all the ladies will be taking that extra glance in my direction…or at least I can tell myself that. Cool, comfortable, and affordable, these new shoes from DVS make a perfect holiday gift for nearly anyone.
Visit www.dvsshoecompany.com



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Yes, I've picked another item of clothing. But once the Monument shoes from DVS arrivedat the TWMX office, I had to have new shirts to go along with the shoes. I haven't always been a fashion plate—and I'm not really one now—but I can appreciate a new clean-looking t-shirt any time. I've seemed to have "filled out" a little in the past few years—I tell myself I've gained a little muscle, though—and my once comfortable medium shirts are beginning to feel a bit more like wearing a rash guard. Needless to say, I've had to go through my t-shirt collection and thin out the little kid shirts leaving me in dire need of new threads. Thankfully, no longer is it just the simple traditional FMF oval logo slapped on the front, FMF now makes a ton of really cool shirts with so many different styles you're sure to find one you like.
Call 310/900-5699 or visit www.fmfracing.com



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When you're hauling your dirt bike in the back of your truck, you may worry about the stability of your steed as you are bouncing about on the highway and maneuvering around slower cars and corners. However, with the invention of the Bed Buddy by CCR Sport, you no longer need to worry about your bike tipping over in the back of your truck or your bike bowing into the cab when you cinch your bikes down tight. Not only that, but the wheel slots are evenly spaced in order to prevent your handlebars from coming together when you're hauling more than one dirt bike. Basically, the Bed Buddy is a badass little doohickey and was the first thing I did when I got my new truck. Check 'em out…
Call 877/227-1218 or visit www.ccrsport.com


GAERNE SG-10 BOOT – $325

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Unfortunately, it took a broken ankle for me to appreciate the importance of wearing a boot that will offer up proper protection. While I spent five and a half months healing up, I made it a point to inform Swap that I was in the market for new boots and was curious of the Gaerne SG10. Let me just say that I was quite impressed with the comfort, quality, and protection offered by the SG10 boot. Within a couple of rides, that stiff and uncomfortable "new boot" feeling has all but deteriorated and the support around the ankle is solid. So, if you're in the market for a new boot and you are willing to oversee the dollar sign for safety and longevity of your feet and ankles, I highly recommend picking up a pair of the SG10s. Aside from that, they've also incorporated a new G on the boot to give it a more sleek and dynamic look.
Call 661/257-3386 or visit www.gaerneusa.com



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In the eyes of many, Fox is known as the premiere gear company within the moto industry. However, in the past couple of years, the folks at Fox have really pushed their creative powers to new limits in the world of fashion apparel. The Fox Manchester jacket is a fine example of Fox's innovative fashion line. Loaded with a water-resistant coating, zip and button up closure, and a rad dark purple lining on the inside of the jacket, the Manchester is not only stylish, but perfect for those cold nights while sitting in the stands at any of the Anaheim Supercross rounds.
Call 888/772-2242 or visit www.foxracing.com


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