Honda of Houston Open House: Josh Grant, Tommy Hahn, Kevin Windham, Billy Lanonvich, Tim Ferry, Kyle Lewis and more

Honda of Houston will be hosting our annual open house on Friday the 31st. Along with Kevin Windam, Travis Preston, Billy Laninovich, Timmy Ferry, Kyle Lewis. Also on hand will be Jessica Patterson, Sean Hackley, Jase Lewis, Ronny Jackson and Wil Hahn.

This will also be a homecoming of sorts for Josh Grant, as he was with the Honda of Houston Race team for four years. Josh used to spend a couple of months a year in Houston, riding all the local tracks, and racing every race at Lake Whitney. Was all the riding around Houston that helped him develop into such a well-rounded rider?

Tommy Hahn was also a member of the Honda of Houston amateur team for two years before he got his ride with the Sobe/Samsung Mobile/Honda team. His brother Wil is still a HOH team member and is really on fire lately. It will not be long before they are both competing at the pro level. In fact Wil Hahn was a winner of the 125 Pro class at the Lake Whitney Spring Classic two weeks ago, where the Honda of Houston Racing team members won 14 titles.

Both Josh and Tommy will be on hand Friday night as well.

The party starts at 6:30 pm on Friday and there will be giveaways, food, drink and merriment for all.

Honda of Houston
12655 West Rd Houston TX 77041
Phone: 281-506-1397

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